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First Nations University Regina, Canada

First Nations University is a higher education institution established in the year 1976. the institution is located in Regina, Canada. The institution admission range is 80-90%. Its degree programs are correlated with the University of Regina curriculum. The institution welcomes students from around the world. The university had a chronic budget deficit relieved by the Saskatchewan government in October 2008. It has three campuses; the Regina campus, the Saskatchewan campus, and the Northern campus. The First Nations University library is affiliated with the University of Regina, which allows students free assess to use both.

About Regina

Regina is where First Nations University is located. It is the capital city of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. It was the territorial seat of government in 1882. During the North-West Rebellion in 1885, the city attained national prominence. Regina was incorporated as a city on 19 June 1903. There was a Tornado in Regina around 1912. This tornado was so terrible that it disrupted the city’s activities and is still the deadliest tornado in Canadian history.

Programs Offered At First Nations University

Below are the programs offered at First Nations University. They include.,

  • Environmental Health Science
  • Business and Public Administration
  • Indigenous Access and Transition Education Certificate
  • Indigenous Literature in English
  • Indian Communication Arts
  • Indigenous Fine Arts
  • Indigenous Arts History
  • Indigenous Health Practice
  • Indigenous Education
  • Indigenous Environmental Science
  • Indigenous Languages and Linguistics
  • Resource and Environmental Studies
  • Community-Based Programs
  • Graduate Studies
  • Certificate of Reconciliation Studies

Tuition For International Students At The First Nations University

Below is the tuition to be offered by international students at the First Nations University

Visa students charge $3,477.75, but in case you cannot afford the payment, you are allowed to pay by installment at $1,159.25 per semester

Books and Supply Books & Supplies $1,000

Accommodation $6,500

Meals $7,200.

Transportation $500

Undergraduate tuition fees:

$19,058 – $20,205

Graduate tuition fees:


In studying in Canada, you are allowed some hours of work.

You can also apply as a manager with customer experience in Saskatoon.

First Nations University Ranking

First Nations University is leading the pack and setting the standard for postsecondary education in Canada. As one of the top-ranked universities, it has received accolades from some of the country’s most prestigious institutions, including a place on Maclean’s magazine’s list of “Top Ten Universities in Canada.” Its impressive rankings are due to its commitment to excellence and dedication to providing quality educational opportunities for First Nation students.

First Nations University Scholarships

First Nations University has scholarships that can help you get there. With a focus on Indigenous knowledge, culture, and perspectives, these scholarships provide much-needed support for students striving to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, the range of scholarships offered by First Nations University will give you a chance to pursue your dreams with confidence. From covering tuition fees to recognizing academic excellence, these awards have been designed with one goal: ensuring that all Indigenous students have access to quality education. With this financial assistance comes the opportunity for personal and professional growth, allowing recipients to reach their fullest potential as they embark on their journey of self-discovery.


In conclusion, First Nations University in Regina, Canada, is a beacon of knowledge and exploration for the next generation of Indigenous leaders. It offers an incredible range of educational programs that equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The university’s commitment to excellence, respect, and integrity provides the foundation for their journey beyond high school. Its commitment to providing a safe learning environment and its emphasis on cultural identity is unparalleled in the Canadian education system.

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