First Nations University Scholarships for International Students

International students studying at First Nations University Fnuniv are eligible to benefit from the First Nations University Scholarships for International Students.

The First Nations University Scholarships for international students are available for students who will like to receive financial aid from the school. First Nations University of Canada was established in Regina, capital of the Province of Saskatchewan in 1976.

The school is one of the best post-secondary institutions of learning in the province and offers admission to students from all over the world.

First Nations University remains the only national indigenous-owned higher institution of learning in the whole of Canada. Although the school was established in Regina, it has grown to have other campuses in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, also in the province of Saskatchewan. First Nations University, Prince Albert is located at 1301 Central Ave, Prince Albert, while First Nations University Regina is located at 1 First Nations Way, Regina.

The institution is also recognized as and can be referred to using any of the following abbreviations: fnu, fnuc, and fnuniv.

Programs taken at First Nations University include indigenous Graduate programs for Master’s Students such as:

  • Master of Indigenous Education
  • Master of Indigenous Language Education
  • Master of Indigenous Social Work
  • Master of Linguistics

Undergraduate programs include but are not limited to:

  • Certificate in Administration
  • Certificate in Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Entertainment Management
  • Certificate of Indigenous Social Work
  • Bachelor of Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts and Honours in Linguistics
  • Bachelor of Elementary Indigenous Education
  • Indigenous Communication & Fine Arts
  • Indigenous Environmental Science

Due to the preference for indigenous studies in the school, it is not uncommon to find international students who have First Nations or Canadian ancestry coming to study at the school.

This is because it avails them the opportunity to take programs that are specifically tailored to the needs of indigenes of Canada and such students, therefore, have the opportunity to know more about their country of origin.

Other non-Canadian international students who are interested in the First Nations Culture may also apply to take undergraduate or Master’s programs at the institution.

First Nations University Scholarships for International Students

International students studying at First Nations University Fnuniv are eligible to benefit from the First Nations University Scholarships for International Students. Each scholarship has its criteria and students can apply for all of those they are eligible for.

Below are some of the available scholarships for international students at the First Nation University. Students should note that the scholarships will apply in both the Regina and Prince Albert campuses.

Adam Dreamhealer Prize

The Adam Dreamhealer is a $500 award given to one student of First Nation University taking a program in Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Applied Science. This award is courtesy of Adam Dreamhealers and international students who are of First Nations descent may apply.

Students must have a minimum average of 65% in their academics to be eligible for the award. Applying students should also be able to demonstrate financial need.

Drs. Lewis and Elisabeth Brandt Scholarship

This scholarship is donated by the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation Inc. in honour of Drs. Lewis and Elisabeth Brandt. The scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Indigenous Education (Elementary) and First Nations Language Instructors Certificate Program. Only one student from each program will be chosen to receive the award session.

The selected students must have completed no less than six credit hours. Students who are above 30 years and those who are interested in teaching Canadian indigenous languages to primary or elementary pupils may be given preference.

When submitting applications, students must also submit a program sheet completed by an Academic Advisor and a cover letter that states their interest in teaching a Canadian local language after school.

Edna Iren Allen Estate Scholarship

This scholarship has a total value of $600. The eligibility requirements include students being enrolled in fnuc for a minimum of 12 credit hours and having a minimum CGPA of 65%. International students of First Nations University who have aboriginal ancestry may apply for the scholarship.

First Nations University Board of Governors Graduate Entrance Scholarship

Donated by the Board of Governors at fnuc, this scholarship is awarded to a student who graduated from the institution (for a first-degree program) with the highest GPA. The student must have also be accepted and willing to continue full-time graduate studies at First Nations University of Canada or the University of Regina for the Special Case Masters Program.

Students only need to submit their transcripts with the application to prove their academic performance. After all applications have been assessed, the selected student will receive $1,000.

FNUniv Library Book Award

The FNUniv Library Book Award is a $300 gift certificate given to one student of fnuniv who frequently visits the First Nations University of Canada Library. Eligible students are those enrolled in 24 to 60 credit hours. The student with the highest GPA among all applicants will be selected. Where there is a tie, the student with the highest number of completed credit hours will be chosen.

When students are applying for this award, they are to submit a letter of reference from the Head Librarian of the institution and also provide relevant transcripts.

Hudson’s Bay Company Student Achievement Award for Excellence

This is an award worth $2,700 given to two students each from Indigenous Studies and Administration departments. Eligible students are those who have completed 60 credit hours in Indigenous Studies or 90 credit hours in Administration Program.

The minimum credit hours acceptable for any of the programs is 12 credit hours and applying students must have a minimum of 75% academic performance.

International students who can prove their aboriginal ancestry can apply for the Student Achievement Award for Excellence and also provide relevant transcripts.

Jack Adilman Scholarship

The Jack Adilman Scholarship is a $600 award given to one student taking a program in Administration. The student to be selected must have completed the Administration Qualifying Program and already enrolled in the Bachelor of Administration Program.

Among all applicants, the student with the highest transfer GPA will be chosen. If there is a tie, the scholarship will be shared among qualified students.

Students when applying should submit a program sheet from their Academic Advisor and should also provide two letters of reference from officials outside of Fnu.

Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC)

$1,000 is given to two students every year by the Petroleum Technology Research Centre. The award recognizes students who are enrolled in at least two science courses in the academic year.

Students will be selected based on academic performance and demonstration of financial need. Therefore, students will need to complete a budget information form when applying.

Tony Cote Scholarship

Tony Cote Scholarship is sponsored by the First Nation University Board of Governors and is valued at $1,000. The scholarship is given at two different times in one academic year and is for third and fourth-year students taking any program in the school. Eligible students are those who have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours and have good academic standing.

Applicants of the Tony Cote Scholarship must be registered at the First Nations University, Regina Campus. The scholarship is also specifically for students who have dependent child(ren), that is, children below the age of 18.

Viola Anaquod Single Parent Bursary

This is awarded to a full-time student of First Nation University of Canada who is a single parent. Students may be male and female and must have dependent children. Students can be enrolled in any program and must have a minimum GPA of 60% to be eligible.

Students who wish to benefit from the bursary should submit a First Nations University of Canada General Scholarship Application Package before the stipulated deadline.

The scholarship application package will contain an application form, relevant transcripts, and an essay of 500 to 700 words. The essay will highlight the student’s academic and financial state, information on children, and other information that is considered needful.

The Viola Anaquod Single Parent Bursary is sponsored by Ms. Del Anaquod who raised eight children as a single parent. She recognizes the challenges associated with being a single parent and aims to improve the life of students who are single parents by giving financial aid.

Scholarships at Fnuc usually have deadlines in February or October. A few may allow students to apply during both periods.

Students who are interested in obtaining scholarships from the university should visit the website for adequate information on deadlines and scholarships requirements.

Fnuc Office Scholarship Address

The Office of the Student Success Services of Fnuc is in charge of scholarships and admissions at the school. Students may contact the office at:

1 First Nations Way

Regina, Saskatchewan

S4S 7K2

Telephone: 306 790 5950 ext. 3134

Email: [email protected]

International students of the First Nation University of Canada are admitted by the University of Regina International Office. Foreign students who are willing to apply to study at Fnu may therefore contact the UR international Students Services for information on admission requirements.

The UR International Students Services

Telephone: 306 585 5082

Email: [email protected]

For any other information, students may reach at to the campus on telephone: 1 800 267 6303 or send a mail to [email protected]