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Florida Rentals Annual Dream Vacation Scholarship

Florida Rentals is offering Annual Dream Vacation Scholarship to full time students who are over the age of 18 and are enrolled at a college or university in the United States. Florida Rentals offers the highest quality vacation homes in the most populous locations, with romantic beach front condos in Miami, expansive townhomes in Dustin as well as everything in between. At Florida Rentals, we have any property of your choice to suit your need. Florida Rentals was created because of the love of vacationing in the Sunshine State. It has something for everyone – from the warm gulf waters to the theme parks as well as sugar sand beaches.

About Florida

Florida is a state in that extends into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is called  the Sunshine State due to its consistently warm weather. It is known as a destination state for tourists all year round. The tropical climate is due to its positioning relative to the equator. However, not every city in Florida has true tropical climate, the state however is predominately tropical.

Florida Rentals Annual Dream Vacation Scholarship

We understand how hard students work all semester. Studying, stressing and late night writing can take a toll on student. You deserve a vacation in order to freshen your memory, or at least to dream about one. Vacations can be very expensive just like college tuition. To assist with this cost, Florida Rentals is offering one student a $1,000 scholarship to put towards his or her education.

Eligibility For The Annual Dream Vacation Scholarship

To be eligible, students  must be enrolled full time at a university or college and over the age of 18. Students should submit an essay of not more than 1,000 word. The student must describe in his or her essay their dream vacation, where you would go, what you intend to do when you are there, who you would like to accompany you, what you want your accommodation to look like. Essay should be sent to [email protected]. Your name,  college or university at which you are enrolled full time, mailing and email address must be included in your essay. Essay will be judged based on content, style and creativity.

By participating in the context, you unconditionally accept and agrees to adhere with and abide by the official rules as well as the decisions of Florida Rentals, LLC which shall be final and binding in all respects. The collection and judging of entries as well as the overall administration of the contest is the sole responsibility of the sponsor. Candidates should direct all questions, comments or problems related to the contest to the sponsor. You are not required to pay any fees or purchase any material in order to participate.

How To Apply

Send your essay to [email protected]. Successful candidates will be featured on’s blog. His or her name, photo, attending school along with the winning essay will be posted

Application Deadline

August 31, 2019.

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