Flying In And Out To Canada With Maiden Name On PR CARD

Considering the fact that it may take a while for a new PR card to be issued and that you may have to leave for a vacation while it’s being processed, can it be an issue at immigration when presenting the Maiden Name On PR CARD and passport with married name or to check in upon re-entry to Canada. Or will it suffice to present a marriage certificate?

Take for instance Bunnienie wants to be advised with any experience with flying in and out to Canada with a maiden name on PR Card and a married name on a foreign passport.

She desires a piece of kind advice on what documents to take along and how the border check would be like. She and her hubby plan on going to Paris. But her concerns are: if there would be no issues of her; boarding the plane in and out of Canada; entering Paris border security and going back to Canada. Also, needs to be sure to take along with her marriage certificate. But wants to know if anyone has done this.

Therefore to respond to her situation, it will be generally alright, if she is informed that the marriage certificate is enough, or to call the airline flying her back to Canada and check what their policy is.

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