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France Visitor Visa – Eligibility And Application

Do you wish to visit your family in France using a France visitor Visa? Among other visa types, the France visitor visa is a visa that makes it possible for non-French and non-existent EU family members who live outside of  France and the European to come to France and visit their spouse, children or parents.

Meanwhile, obtaining a French visitor visa may not be simple but when you have family in France and follow the right guidelines, it will be easier for you.

However, it is also possible to obtain this visa if you are going to France to care for a sick family or attend to a death case of a family which may last for a few periods.

If that is the case, this article got you covered by providing the basic information which you will need to obtain the France Visitor Visa successfully.

What is a French Visitor Visa?

A France visitor visa is a type of visa that allows visitors to enter and stay in France for a specific period. The visa may be valid for a single entry or multiple entries.

In addition, some requirements for obtaining a France visitor visa include having a valid passport, being able to prove that your travel plans are legitimate, and having enough money to cover your costs while in France.

Types of France Visitor’s Visa 

While trying to process your application for a France visitor visa,  it is also good to find out under which category your case belongs. Remember that getting a France Short Stay Visitor Visa, implies that you will still have to follow similar visa procedures depending on your situation. Which differs from each other at some point.

However,  the following  are the types of  France  visitors  visa available :

#1. France Schengen Visa for a French Citizen 

This is a  France  Visitors Visa which you will need while preparing to marry a French citizen. Also,  it allows one to stay in  France for three months within 180 days.

Then, to get it right,  you will also have the document regarding the intended marriage which in French is called “Certificat de publication des bans et de non-opposition”.

In addition, you will need to submit information about the French citizen you are about to wed.

#2. Visitor Visa for a family member of a French citizen

This type of visa is issued to family members, Spouses and Children who are identified as French citizens staying in third countries, and who wish to visit their spouses for a period not up to three months. Among the main requirements that the foreign national has to submit in this case is the French marriage certificate called “Copie Intégrale de lance de Mariage”, children’s birth certificates, and information on the French citizen.

However,  Under the current French law, family members of a French citizen are defined as below:

  • Parents.
  • Parents and children of their foreign citizen spouse under foreign spouse’s agreement.
  • Spouse.
  • Children up to 21 years of age.

#3. France Visitor Visa for a family member of an EEA/EU/Swiss Nationals

It is a type of France  Visitor Visa established for people who have a European Union family member, parents or spouse residing in the country. These categories of people can apply for this type of visa. However, the person applying must have some proof to justify the relationship between the  European citizen and their relatives.

However, based on the current EU EU law, family members of a European citizen are defined as below:

  • Children and parents of his/her foreign nationals
  • Spouse
  • Children up to 21 years of age and above.
  • Parents.
  • a spouse under a foreign spouse’s charge.

#4. France Short stay Visitor Visa for family members of non-EU/EEA/Swiss residents in France

Under this visa type, Children and partners not above Eighteen years of age can apply for a visa that permits them to enter France and stay for up to ninety days. However, the family members living in France will have to prove that they are financially capable to support the family members applying to come to France as well as to show they have enough accommodation.

Some important documents to submit for a French Visitor visa 

Some documents are important and common to submit if you are making plans to come to France under any Visa Category. Usually,  this document must be ready on or before the interview at the embassy.

However,  the  following are the documents you will  need:

  • Completed French Visitor Visa Application Form. Also, try and complete the application form on
  • International passport. The passport should have two empty pages to be able to put the visa sticker on it. Meanwhile, the passport must have been issued within the last ten years and should be valid for a minimum of three months after the end of your stay in France.
  • Passport photographs. You also should submit two passports, photographs and other documents. However, they should not be more than three months and taken according to the Schengen Visa requirements.
  • Older visa Copies. You may have obtained visas before in any country in the world. Those visas should be submitted.

Other Minor requirements

  • Travel itinerary. This represents a list of the things that you are planning to do while in France, including details about how you are planning to reach France. Include supporting documents like a Round Trip flight, a railroad booking or a document of a booked organized tour.
  • Evidence of financial capability. The French authorities are interested to know how capable you are of financing yourself while in France. This is the reason why you will need to submit the documents that are regarded in your case  as a part of this requirement:
  • Current bank statements.
  • An employment contract which has a clear indication of your salary, to be working in France.
  • Income from rented property.
  • Retirement benefit plan.
  • A letter of recommendation from a sponsor stating the readiness to cover your costs for a given period. period of stay, accompanied by documents that confirm legal possession of money of such sponsor.
  • Other documents justify that you have the means to sponsor yourself for the whole stay in France.
  • Evidence of a criminal record in the home country indicating  that candidate has no open criminal case involvement
  • Evidence of visa payment. The fee for a French visitor visa is approximately €80. However,  this article tells more about French visas. Meanwhile, the family members of French citizens and that of other Member states of EU/EEA and Switzerland are excluded from the visa fee requirement.
  • Extra documents for the partners of a French citizen
  • Evidence of nationality of the partners living in France, which can be a passport or identity card
  • “Livret de Famille” – this is a marriage certificate upon the civil registry in France.

Extra documents for the foreign child /Partners of an EU citizen

  • Both biological parents’ passport
  • Evidence of Guardianship – in case the child applicant is not up to 18 and trusted by a third person, then this person needs to have an official document as an authorization which both parents signed
  • Approval by a parent or guardian. If the child is going there with only one parent
  • Court decision – It is applicable or where only one parent owns the Child.
  • Current passport of the EU citizen of the EU, EEA or  Swiss Citizens
  • Evidence of accommodation –  This could be a hotel booking the EU/EEA/Swiss citizens or a document known as Attestation d’accueil -in case the visitors will be staying over at the French residence. This document issued by the local town hall of the host person’s residence must confirm that the host has enough space for the visitor for their entire period of stay.
  • A sworn statement – This should come  from the EU relatives, stating that the visa applicant is their dependent
  •  nice of relationship – between the Child of Spouse and the Nationale  residing in France
  • Extra documents for the foreign parent of a French child
  • Evidence of the family ties between the applicant and the French child, full birth certificate.
  • Proof of the child’s French, valid passport or C.N.I.S.
  • Evidence that the child is a Citizen of France.

How do you apply for a France Visa?

Generally, the process involved in obtaining a France Visitor Visa is not so easy or quick.

However, if you  want to apply  for  a France Visitor Visa, you will have to follow the steps below :

  • First, Choose the right Embassy.
  • Secondly, Compile the documents file.
  • Schedule an interview.
  • Attend the interview.
  • Pay the French Visa fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get a France Visitor visa for France?

Usually, there are a few ways to get a visitor visa for France. One way is to apply through a travel agency. Another way is to apply directly with the French embassy or consulate in your home country.

How long can a visitor stay in France?

As of May 2016, the maximum length of stay in France for a non-EU/EEA national is 90 days.

Is France issuing Visitor visas now?

France has not been issuing visitor visas for years now.

How much is the France Visitor visa fee?

The visa fee for France is €14. The fee is valid for one year and the authority will increase it for an additional year.

How much bank balance is due for a French Visitor visa?

There is no specific visa requirement for France, but as a general rule, you will need at least $200 in cash to cover any incidental expenses that may come up while in the country. Additionally, you will need to provide proof of financial stability, such as a recent bank statement or loan application.


In conclusion, a France Visitor Visa permits you to stay in France for 90 days. Fortunately, this article covers the necessary things you need to know if you wish to come to France to visit your family member for a short period.

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