Full Detail About The Labour Market Impact Assessment

Full Detail About The Labour Market Impact Assessment. To get details about the Labour Market Impact Assessment, follow the below details.,

Meaning Of The Labour Market Impact assessment

The Labour Market Impact assessment (LMIA) is that document needed by an employer before hiring a foreign worker in Canada.

What A Positive Labour market Impact Assessment Shows

The positive LMIA shows that there is no Canadian worker available to fill the position and that the position needs a foreign worker. The LMIA is however called a confirmation letter. It is said that a worker can only apply for a work permit once he gets the LMIA.

Labour Market Impact Assessment Application Fee

The application fee for the LMIA is $1000 and it is paid to the Canadian government. The amount to be paid will be added for each foreign worker to be employed that is if for example, you are to hire 3 foreign workers, you will have to pay $3,000.

Reasons Your Labour Market Impact Assessment Could Be Denied

The reason your LMIA is denied is that there are Canadian citizens ready to fill the position you applied and you won’t even get refunded when such happens except if Employment and Social Development Canada didn’t process the correct amount.

Processing Time For The Labour market Impact Assessment

The LMIA must be submitted 6 months in advance of the anticipated job start date. If the position you applied for is in high demand, then you will have to wait for ten days.

Changes Made By the Government For TFWP

The changes made for TFWP was done at the end of 2014 where the Canadian government rose the application fee from $275 to $1,000 and they also dropped the number of accepted applications each year. This made the employers who rely solely on foreign workers get a bit upset and they made it known to the government. There was a liberal party policy which its aim was to change the $1000 LMIA fee though the change is not yet in place. the government made bringing in of foreign workers to the country more difficult because the citizens were complaining that the foreign workers were taking jobs away from them.

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