Full Details About The CAIPS File

Full Details About The CAIPS File. If you wish to apply for the CAIPS file and you seek a way to go about it, simply follow the steps below.,

Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System

This is a computer system used for the processing of applications outside Canada. The information used is gotten from the application forms and some supporting documents submitted by the applicant. This computer assisted immigration system has been taken over by a new tracking system called the Global Case Management System.

How To Apply For CAIPS/GCMS

There are four stages to follow in order to appy for CAIPs/GCMS and they are.,

Download The GCMS Note (Application Kit)

The kit is a guide to applying for the IERCC file. It is made up of the needed forms to complete the application, frequently asked questions and a how to guide session.

Fill The Consent Forms

The consent forms are two and they need to be properly filled. They are made up of your personal details and the service you really need. The form provides your consent for CIC to be able to disclose the information in your CAIPS/GCMS file

Send The Forms Via E-mail

You have to send the forms back via e-mail, fax or post.

Make Payments

Finally, you should make payment via paypal as this is a quick and easy means that does not require you sharing your card details with anyone.

Amount Paid To Get The CAIPS File

CAIPS basic= $40

CAIPS Premium= $60

CAIPS Premium Interpreted= $120

CAIPS interpretation only= $60

CAIPS Repeat= $30

Duration Taken To Get The CAIPS Report

This depends on the workload of the office that takes care of CAIPS requests. Though, they should take up to 30 working days to respond but most files come back in about 5-6 weeks.


If you are not a permanent resident in Canada or a Canadian citizen, you will be unable to request your CAIPS file yourself. That is to say that if you are a potential immigrant who does not reside in Canada, you will nit be qualified for your information directly