Georgia Diplomatic Visa – Application, Requirements and Validity

If you plan a journey to Georgia to carry out a diplomatic or official mission, you may need to obtain a Georgia Diplomatic Visa. This blog post will let you know whether you qualify, what you need, and the visa category you should get.

Generally, obtaining a diplomatic visa is similar to the Georgia tourist visa application process. The process can be a bit complex to understand, but this won’t be an issue when you read this article.

Georgia is a nation that can be found in the Caucasus. As a great country to explore, Georgia has something to offer to different categories of people. Aside from having many tourist attractions, the government also has some of the United States’ most essential diplomatic facilities.

Read on to discover more on Georgia Diplomatic Visa, including its eligibility criteria, requirements, fees, processing time, etc.

What is a Georgia Diplomatic Visa?

Georgia Diplomatic Visa consists of different visa categories granted to foreigners to enable them to enter the country for specific purposes. Not just any person can apply for this type of visa.

Applicants of Georgia Diplomatic Visas are not required to pay any fee for processing. There are several categories of Georgian visas, namely Diplomatic Visa (A Category), Transit visa (T Category), Immigration Visa (D Category), Special Visa (B Category), and Ordinary Visa (C Category).

Georgia Diplomatic Visa Categories

Indeed, Georgia Diplomatic Visa has a few categories. For example, A1, A3, A4, and A5 Category Visas are short-term diplomatic visas, while A2 Category Visa is a long-term diplomatic visa, as indicated below.

#1. A1 Category Visa

This visa is open to high-ranking officials who want to enter Georgia for official, unofficial, business, state, or friendly visit purposes.

You can apply for a Georgia A1 Category Visa, supposing you are a foreign executive or legislative official, a top or high-level delegation member, or going with a close relative to the country.

#2. A2 Category Visa

This category of Georgia Diplomatic Visa is open to:

  • The staff of embassies and consulates that represents Georgia in foreign countries
  • Consular officials and their close relatives
  • The staff of representative offices of foreign organizations based in Georgia with diplomatic status granted to them and their close relatives

#3. A3 Category Visa

Georgian embassies and consulates grant A3 Category Visa to diplomatic couriers and persons who want to enter Georgia to fulfill a special diplomatic mission.

#4. A4 Category Visa

This visa category is open to non-citizens who work as honorary consuls of Georgia in another country. It allows them and their close relatives to enter Georgia for whatever reason.

#5. A5 Category Visa

This visa is open to holders of an ordinary or official passport who want to travel to Georgia to fulfill a particular mission. You can also get a visa to enter Georgia for the national interests of the country.

Moreover, you are eligible for A5 Category Visa just in case you need to enter Georgia for working visits with a valid diplomatic passport.

Exemptions for Georgian Diplomatic Visas

Some foreign nationals do not need a diplomatic visa to enter Georgia for a limited period.

These include:-

  • Persons who hold a valid service, official or diplomatic passport of Egypt, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, Guyana, Peru, Nepal, and India
  • Foreign nationals who are legal residents of Georgia or hold a refugee temporary residence permit. You can also enter Georgia without a visa as long as you possess humanitarian status all through their period of visit.
  • Persons who are crewmembers overseas for a flight, railway, or sea transport. This also covers passengers who possess a valid visa of the destination country and needs to transit through Georgia within ten days.
  • Foreigners who possess the United Nations Organizations (UNO) or a specialized agency travel document that allows its holders to enter Georgia.
  • People who have a valid permit or visa from a country involved in Georgia Government’s Ordinance No 256

Georgia Diplomatic Visa Fee

No fee is charged to foreigners who want to obtain a Georgian diplomatic visa. This means that Georgian embassies and consulates offer a free service to eligible people in need of a diplomatic visa to enter Georgia.

Georgia Diplomatic Visa Processing Time

It takes a Georgian embassy or consulate no more than thirty (30) days to process an application for a Georgia Diplomatic Visa. The processing time is the same no matter the category of diplomatic visa you wish to obtain.

Eligibility Criteria for a Georgia Diplomatic Visa

The following people are eligible to apply for a diplomatic visa to Georgia.

  • High-ranking officials of the foreign executive and legislative authorities
  • Consular officials and their relations, such as their spouses and children
  • Persons who possess memberships with foreign delegations
  • A foreigner who hold an official passport and plans to enter Georgia for a working visit
  • Persons who work for any Georgian diplomatic mission in a foreign country
  • Persons and families who have obtained Georgian diplomatic status and work for representation offices of foreign organizations located in the country

Georgia Diplomatic Visa Requirements

Here is a list of the required documents for a Georgian diplomatic visa.

  • A valid passport or travel document
  • One (1) passport-sized photograph
  • Proof of funds

How to Get a Georgian Diplomatic Visa

Below are five (5) steps to get a Georgian diplomatic visa.

  1. Get ready your supporting documents
  2. Arrange an appointment with a Georgian embassy or consulate
  3. Complete the Georgia Diplomatic Visa application
  4. Visit the Georgian embassy or consulate to submit documents
  5. Wait for the diplomatic mission to reach a decision

Step 1: Get ready your supporting documents

The first step to take in getting a Georgian Diplomatic Visa requires you to prepare all supporting documents for your application. You must ensure that you’ve obtained all required documents and have them within reach.

Step 2: Arrange an appointment with a Georgian embassy or consulate

Next, you need to make an appointment with an embassy or consulate of Georgia in your country of residence. Two ways to do this involve initiating a phone call to the diplomatic mission or sending an email to them.

Step 3: Complete the Georgia Diplomatic Visa application

The third step in obtaining a Georgian diplomatic visa is to apply online via Georgia’s E-VISA PORTAL or E-Application System.

Supposing you applied through the E-VISA PORTAL, you’ll receive your visa within ten days. However, you should get your Georgian diplomatic visa in no more than five days if you apply via the E-Application System.

Step 4: Visit the Georgian embassy or consulate to submit documents

Afterward, it would help if you visited an embassy or consulate of Georgia in your country of origin. During your visit, you have to tender all required documents.

Step 5: Wait for the diplomatic mission to reach a decision

At this time, you can expect to receive a decision from the Georgian diplomatic mission. You should know the embassy or consulate’s decision in no more than one month.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who needs to get a Georgian diplomatic visa?

Georgian diplomatic visas are required by foreign nationals who desire to enter Georgia for official or diplomatic purposes. This includes working on a project funded by the Georgian government, meeting with government officials, as well as attending diplomatic meetings or events.

How long does it take to get a Georgian diplomatic visa?

The amount of time Georgia’s diplomatic visa processing takes can depend on the embassy or consulate you’re applying through. However, most embassies and consulates of Georgia take up to four (4) weeks to process diplomatic visa applications.

How much does a Georgia Diplomatic Visa cost?

A Georgia Diplomatic Visa costs zero fees. Thus, you don’t have to bother making service payments during the application process.

Do US citizens need a visa to enter Georgia for diplomatic duties?

United States citizens do not need a visa to enter Georgia for diplomatic duties. This is because the USA is among Georgia’s visa-free countries.

Who cannot apply for a Georgia Diplomatic Visa?

Not everyone is eligible to apply for a Georgian diplomatic visa. These include ex-convicts or people who have a criminal record, persons who have been banned from entering Georgia, and those with an invalid or expired passport or travel document.

Is it easy to get a Georgian diplomatic visa?

Yes, the processes involved for a Georgian diplomatic visa are easy to undertake. However, most applications for diplomatic visas to Georgia get approval without hassles. The application process demands applicants to provide a letter that indicates their official or diplomatic duties in Georgia.

Can a Georgian diplomatic visa be rejected?

Yes, a Georgian diplomatic visa can be rejected. This can happen for several reasons, such as the inability to meet the visa eligibility requirements and submitting an incomplete application.


A Georgian diplomatic visa is best for foreigners who seek a legal way to enter the country for official purposes or to perform diplomatic functions. The visa application processes are convenient, and most applicants don’t report experiencing problems.

Don’t be reluctant to leave your comments below if you feel confused about any part of this blog post.

Thanks for reading!

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