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Georgia Special Visa – Requirements, Eligibility and Benefits

Are you wondering what a Georgia Special Visa is? This blog post features wide-ranging information to guide you until you eventually travel to Georgia for any purpose whatsoever.

Without a doubt, a Georgian special visa is primarily open to foreign workers who work for consular offices or are currently serving in the military. Getting a special visa to Georgia involves less effort as you can complete the entire application process online. Supposing you are stuck or finding it hard to understand the Georgian special visa application process, you will find it easy within a few minutes of exploring this blog post.

Please continue reading to explore more about getting a special visa to Georgia, and its requirements, service fee, processing time, application processes, etc.

What is a Georgian Special Visa?

A Georgian Special Visa is a visa open to foreigners under the following categories.

  • A foreign delegation’s member
  • A service passport holder who is traveling to Georgia for a working visit
  • A foreigner who works as a service, administrative or technical staff in a foreign-based embassy or consular office
  • A consulate worker or service staff
  • A foreigner who is a member of a different mission and intends to enter Georgia for the country’s national interests
  • A staff of a foreign Georgia-based charity organization
  • A family member or domestic staff traveling along with an A2 Diplomatic Visa holder to Georgia
  • A soldier on a peacekeeping mission or deployed as part of a more significant military force in Georgia under a foreign treaty
  • A foreigner who is traveling to Georgia under foreign treaties involving two or three countries

Exemptions for Georgia Special Visas

The following persons do not need a special visa to travel to Georgia.

  • Travelers who hold a valid visa or residence permit of a country listed in the Government of Georgia’s Ordinance No 256
  • Foreigners who possess a travel document issued by the UN or a specialized agency
  • Nationals of certain countries who hold a valid official, service, or diplomatic passport. These include Guyanese, Peruvians, Chinese, Sri Lankans, Egyptians, Indians, Indonesians, and Nepalese.
  • Foreign nationals who live legally in Georgia or hold a refugee’s temporary residence permit
  • Crewmembers of a foreign flight, sea, or railway system of transport with the sole intention of passing through Georgia to their destination
  • Citizens of European Union countries, USA, United Kingdom, South Korea, Barbados, Ukraine, Turkey, UAE, Jordan, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, Belarus, Argentina, Andorra, Norway, Panama, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Uruguay, among other countries.

Georgia Special Visa Categories

There are a few categories of Georgian (B Category) Special Visa, which include B1, B2, B3, and B4 Category visas.

#1. B1 Category Visa

This category covers service passport holders traveling to Georgia for a working visit. You are also eligible for a B1 Category Visa as a member of a foreign delegation.

Undoubtedly, persons who are entering Georgia with a valid B1 Category Visa can travel with their family members and other eligible persons.

#2. B2 Category Visa

This Georgia Special Visa category is open to foreigners in the two (2) categories below.

  • Service, technical and administrative staff of foreign countries’ embassies and consulates
  • Workers and service staff of consulates, including their close relatives and domestic staff
  • Persons who work for Georgia-based foreign charitable organizations, including their close relatives. Moreover, household workers are eligible under this category if they enter Georgia with an A2 Diplomatic Visa holder.

#3. B3 Category Visa

This category of Georgia Special Visa allows foreigners to enter the country through a treaty strictly between two or three state entities. The visa is also open to persons on peacekeeping missions and a group of soldiers joining a more significant force in Georgia under a written agreement between two foreign states.

If you are one of the above, you can enter Georgia with your close relatives.

#4. B4 Category Visa

This visa category is open to foreign nationals who intend to enter Georgia for their national interests and are members of different missions.

Georgia Special Visa Fee

It is costless to get a special visa to Georgia. Therefore, all persons needing a Georgia Special Visa have zero fees to pay during the application process.

Georgia Special Visa Processing Time

The processing time of a Georgian Special Visa is typically one month. This implies that you’ll get a special visa to Georgia within 30 days of completing your application with a Georgian embassy or consulate.

Georgia Special Visa Requirements

To satisfy the requirements of the Georgia Special Visa, you must have the following documents at hand, and each of them must be valid.

  • Hardcopy of filled out Georgian Special Visa application form
  • A valid passport or travel document
  • One (1) photograph – passport-sized
  • Your recent bank accounts statement demonstrates your financial stability

How to Get a Georgian Special Visa

Here are easy steps to take to obtain any Georgia Special Visa category.

  1. Collect all documents needed for Georgia Special Visa applications
  2. Apply for an ideal Georgia Special Visa online
  3. Plan an appointment with a Georgian embassy or consulate
  4. Submit your supporting documents at the diplomatic mission
  5. Give time for the Georgian diplomatic mission to decide
  6. Book a flight to a Georgian airport and travel

Step 1: Collect all documents needed for Georgia Special Visa applications

As the first step in getting a Georgian Special Visa, you have to prepare your supporting documents, as they are mandatory in completing your visa application.

Step 2: Apply for an ideal Georgia Special Visa online

Afterward, you must fix an appointment with a Georgian embassy or consulate in your home country. This is obligatory because most Georgian diplomatic missions do not attend to visitors without an appointment.

Step 3: Plan an appointment with a Georgian embassy or consulate

Next, you must complete your application for a Georgian Special Visa through either E-Application System or E-VISA PORTAL. Both of them involve online processes.

Step 4: Submit your supporting documents at the diplomatic mission

The fourth step for a Georgian Special Visa requires you to take your supporting documents to an embassy or consulate of Georgia in your home country. Again, this demands your swift action to avoid delays in getting your visa.

Step 5: Give time for the Georgian diplomatic mission to decide

The next step involves waiting for the Georgian embassy or consular office to review your application and decide on it. This takes a maximum of one month.

Step 6: Book a flight to a Georgian airport and travel

If you have gotten your visa, now is the time to book an international flight to a Georgian airport. Afterward, you can travel to the country.

Recommended link: Embassy of Georgia in Canada and their Consular Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get a Georgian Special Visa?

It takes about four weeks to receive a Georgian Special Visa from the embassy or consulate.

Is it easy to get a Georgian Special Visa?

Yes, getting a Georgian Special Visa is easy as long as you’ve fulfilled all of its requirements. The visa-free travel policy applies to citizens of over 60 countries, including the United States, Canada, and most European Union countries.

Can my Georgian Special Visa application be rejected?

Yes, your application for a Georgian Special Visa can be rejected due to some reasons. Common reasons for denials include if your application is incomplete or if you don’t submit all required documents to the embassy or consulate.

Can I extend my Georgian Special Visa?

Yes, you can extend your Georgian Special Visa as it offers a limited stay to its holders. To extend the visa, you must tender a few documents to Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Do citizens of EU countries need a Georgian Special Visa?

No, citizens of European Union member states do not need a Georgian Special Visa for entry into the country. They can remain in the country for up to one year without a visa. EU member states include Austria, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Luxembourg, Romania, France, Ireland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Denmark, Netherlands, Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Malta, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Latvia, Hungary, and Poland.

Is Georgia part of the Schengen Area?

No, Georgia is not part of the European countries in the Schengen Area. The area features 26 European countries that allow foreigners to enter any of its member states without a visa.

How much is the Georgia Special Visa fee?

Applicants of Georgia Special Visas are not required to pay any fee during the application process.

Can I apply for a Georgia Special Visa online?

Yes, you can apply for a Georgian special visa in two ways: Georgia’s E-Application System and e-Visa Portal.


In summary, a Georgian Special Visa offers several benefits to specific persons who need to execute special functions in Georgia. First, it is simple to procure the visa, and the process takes less than a month.

We hope you’ve learned all that you intended to know about Georgia Special Visa in this blog post. Feel free to drop your comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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