Germany Language Course Visa – Eligibility and How to Apply

You can take part in a language course in Germany without admission into a German university.

The good news is that language won’t be a barrier for you to studying in Germany, because, you can use the Germany Language Course Visa to land in Germany. Therefore, if you intend to study in Germany, you can apply for this visa. with this type of visa, you can undergo a German Language course of 3 to 12 months.

What this implies is that international students who have not obtained the required German language certificate can apply for this visa and do so in Germany. Thus, nothing holds you from fulfilling your desire to study in Germany.

Germany is the home of many internationally recognized universities. Apart from that, German universities offer a variety of courses both in English and German. No wonder, many international students prefer to study in this European country. Moreover, German certificates allow you to work anywhere in the world.

If you successfully complete a German language course. Then, you can enroll on any course of your choice. Also, you can choose any University of your choice. However, you will have to meet the requirements both for the course and the university. Thus, you can study in Canada upon getting your language course certificate.

German Language courses

To study in a German university, especially for a German course. You must have a certificate in the German language. Basically, there are three accepted German language courses. Once you complete them, you will obtain a Germany Language Course Visa. Therefore, you must get a certificate in any of them. They include:

  1. Test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF)
  2. Goethe Institute German Language Diploma (GDS)
  3. German Language Diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, Level II (DSD)

Test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF)

Upon the completion of this course, you can get admission into any German language. Moreover, you can as well study any course of your choice. It covers levels B2 to C1 on the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The exam proves that you have a good knowledge of German. Thus, it allows you to work while you study.

Goethe Institute German Language Diploma (GDS)

This exam is specifically for adults. Completing this course means that you have acquired an advanced knowledge of German. Thus, you can understand everything you read or hear in German. It corresponds to the sixth level (C2) on the six-level scale of competence.

German Language Diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, Level II (DSD)

This program prepares you to study in Germany. However, your studies must be related to culture and language. It finishes with an exam and a certification in language. Thus, it shows your competencies on level B1 or B2/C1.

Requirements for Germany Language Course Visa

Of course, you will need to meet some requirements to obtain a Germany Language Course Visa. In this section, you will learn about the requirements and eligibility. Therefore, you will need the following documents:

  1. Two Germany national visa application forms.
  2. Your valid passport of at least 6 months before your intended date of return to your home country.
  3. Two identical Germany visa photographs.
  4. Proof of Accommodation in Germany.
    A hotel booking.
    Rental agreement.
    Letter of invitation from the host in Germany.
  5. Proof of ownership of an apartment or house in Germany.
  6. Copies of previously held visas.
  7. Confirmation letter of language course registration, or, certificate of enrollment.
  8. Letter of motivation showing the reason why he or she wishes to attend a German language course.
  9. Proof of purchased student health insurance policy
  10. Proof of paid visa fee.
  11. Blocked bank account to prove financial sufficiency.

Documents to apply for a residence permit as a holder of a Language Course Visa

If you have obtained your Germany Language Course Visa, you can as well obtain a residence permit. Your residence permit allows you to live in Germany. It generally covers the duration of your language course. The documents include:

  1. A valid passport/travel document with a valid visa stamped
  2. A recently made biometric photograph
  3. A duly completed and signed application form for Residence Permit “Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels”
  4. Evidence of attendance in the course
  5. Certificate of registration in a language course
  6. The agreement of the applicant with the language institution
  7. Proof of accommodation
  8. Proof of financial means “Finanzierungsnachweis” – 8,640 euros per year
  9. A fixed deposit statement “Sperrkonto” or blocked account.
  10. A letter of commitment by your  host in Germany
  11. A letter of declaration from parents

Types of Germany Language Course Visa

The type of Germany Language Course Visa depends on your need. Therefore, you must know what is good for you before applying. So, when applying for a visa, you have to consider certain factors. Such factors include how long you will stay in Germany. The type of course also determines the visa type. The types of Germany Language Course Visa include:

  • Language Learning Visa
  • Residency for Study Preparation

Language Learning Visa

This type of German Language Course Visa allows you to learn the German Language. However, once you complete the course, you will return to your country. Therefore, you won’t stay in Germany after the duration of your study.

Residency for Study Preparation

This is for international students who wish to study in Germany. Therefore, they intend to enrol in a German university or a higher institution after their language course. However, once you complete your language course, you will return to your country. Then, you can apply for a student or student applicant visa.

What you can do with a Germany Language Course Visa

With a Germany Language Course Visa, you can do the following:

  1. partake in an intensive German language course
  2. require an extension of the visa

However, your language course visa won’t allow you to:

  1. convert it into a student or student applicant visa
  2. change it into a work permit
  3. undertake any gainful employment
  4. start university studies
  5. apply for university admission

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Germany Language Course Visa

Meeting the requirements alone is not enough to get a Germany Language Course Visa. in addition to that, you will need an expert guide. So, in this section, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to obtain your visa. Therefore, if you follow the guidelines below, you will get your visa easily. The steps include:

Step 1: Fill out the application form for a German national visa

First of all, you will fill out an online application form. Make sure you fill in the correct details in the form. Some of the information includes your name, place of birth and purpose of applying. So, make sure the information you provide is correct. Otherwise, your visa may be denied.

Step 2: Ensure you have all the required documents

Secondly, your documents must be handy. Once you arrive at the German embassy or consulate, you will need to submit them. It is good that you also have little knowledge about Germany. If any document is missing, you won’t be able to obtain a Germany Language Course Visa. Most importantly, be ready to send more information to the embassy when demanded.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment

The third step is to schedule an interview with German authorities at the Embassy. You must book an appointment before going to the embassy. If not, your application will be rejected.

Step 4: Attend the interview

You can now attend your visa interview on the appointed date. One thing is that you must be there on time. Another thing is that you have all your documents ready. If any document is missing, your application may not be accepted.

Step 5: Pay the visa fee

The last thing you will do at the embassy is to pay your visa fee. Before you do that, you must have provided your fingerprints. Also, you will get a printed copy of your application form which you will sign. Once you have done this, you can pay a visa fee of 75 euros. Don’t forget to collect the receipt. This will serve as evidence you come to collect your German Language course Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Work in Germany With a Language Course Visa?

No, a German Language Course Visa does not allow you to work in Germany. However, with a Student visa, you can work even if you are attending a language course. Nevertheless, you can only work for a limited number of hours with a student visa.

Where can I travel with my German Language Course Visa?

With a German Language Course visa, you can pay a short visit to all Schengen nations.

What is the first thing to do when I arrive in Germany?

First of all, you must register your residence at the registration office nearest to your place in Germany. Then, you will have to apply for a residence permit. You can do this in your city of residence.

How long does it take to get a language course visa in Germany?

It takes about 3 to 6 weeks to obtain a language course visa in Germany. However, it can take longer if you encounter any problems.


Finally, it is time to move to Germany after all the hurdles in the embassy. to make your trip easy, you can make prior arrangements for your accommodations while still in your home country. There are many agencies who can assist you to arrange accommodations for your stay in Germany.