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Best 20 Great Careers that Pay Well Without a Degree

If you are interested in great careers that pay well without a degree, research each one carefully to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Of course, People who don’t have degrees can still find careers that pay well.

However, many great careers don’t require a degree, and you can start working in these fields right away.

So. If you’re passionate about a particular field, it’s worth looking into the salaries and benefits associated with this career path.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a person without a degree is $37,000. These careers include software developer, web developer, data analyst, and medical assistant.

Hence, this article will expose you to many jobs that pay well and need no degree.

Why look for Great Careers That Pay Well Without a Degree?

Many Great Careers pay Well without a Degree to start. Meanwhile, Most of these careers offer good pay, benefits, and opportunities for growth.

However, a career in law enforcement, for example, can provide excellent pay and benefits, as well as the opportunity to work in a challenging and exciting field.

Generally, Many other great careers don’t require a college degree, such as accounting and computer science.

Therefore, if you are determined to find a great career without a degree, look into these top options.

Best 20 Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree

In different European countries, there are Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree

However, some of these careers are below:

#1. Theatrical performers

This is one of the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree. The national average salary for this job is $23.23 per hour. Also, their primary duties involve performing in theatrical productions and learning about the line, music, and dances they use to captivate their audiences. However, they sometimes improvise depending upon the situation. They also schedule their affairs and coordinate with their agents.

#2. Landscape technician

Another Great Career that pays Well without a Degree is Landscape technician. However, they earn an average annual salary of $21.28 per hour and are needed to perform primary duties, such as operating mowers, fertilizing landscapes, and installing sprinklers.

#3. Claims adjusters

This is another Great Career that pays Well without a Degree in Europe.

Meanwhile, they receive $51,987 per year.

However, a claim adjuster scrutinizes insurance claim liability for damage to property or personal injury. Claims adjusters gather data from various sources to determine insurance liability based on the extent of damage to the person or property.

#4. Translators

Translators are among the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree. The national average income for all translators is $23.71 an hour. It is one of the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree.

Primary duties include translators. Changing audio and text recordings from one language to another while preserving the tone and meaning of the original language. Also, change materials to multiple languages while ensuring they do not lose the content.

#5. Mobile developers

Their average annual income for software developers is $80,778.

However, their Primary duties encompass designing mobile apps that govern an application’s entire life cycle. Also, Developers create fully functioning mobile software, gather specific requirements, design interfaces, and engage with clients.

Developers also find and fix application glitch issues, collaborate with application developers to resolve issues related to software planning, and develop security updates to enhance user efficiency. Therefore, it is among the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree.

#7. Maintenance manager

This is another example of the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree.

However, a professional senior maintenance manager in the United States averages about $76,025 a year. Also, execute maintenance tasks, oversee legalization, and reduce crises.

Generally, they are responsible for managing and performing all maintenance and installation operations in a building.

Facility managers are also responsible for keeping a building’s electrical system and hydraulic systems functional.

#8. Executive chef

The average national yearly salary for an executive cooking role is $63,788.

However, their primary responsibilities involve chefs working in the kitchen to develop creative and impressive mealtime options. Additionally, they design and present new dish and dessert menus and search for any deficiencies.

Also, they supervise kitchen activities, together with planning for repairs and purchasing of kitchen equipment. Likewise, they give their superiors reports on food costs and expenses and respond to complaints or concerns regarding food service. However, the chefs occupying this role do not need a degree to do it. Therefore, it is included among the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree.

#9. Accounting clerk

An accounting clerk is among the examples of the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree. Their general nationwide hourly salary is $21.26. However, their most significant responsibilities include accounting clerks, who are responsible for delivering accounting assistance. Also, clerical assistance to an accounting group. Meanwhile, they record and maintain accounting files and documents in carrying out this role.

In addition, accounting clerks also process payments, deposits, and financial reports. They are also responsible for keeping records of these amounts and processing related payments.

#10.Dental assistants

Doctors of the National Anesthesia Association earn an average of $23.92 per hour. Meanwhile, the primary tasks of a dentist’s assistant are receiving patients at the clinic and assembling and arranging dental instruments when needed.

However, they also perform administrative tasks such as medical recordkeeping and management. Also, scheduling appointments and creating case files for patients.

In addition, dental assistants ensure that all dental tools remain in good condition, usually through sterilization and cleaning before and after use.

Also, collect medical background records from previous patients, explain postoperative care, and comfort nervous patients before their procedures. Therefore, this is among the examples of the Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree.

#11. Nuclear power reactor operator

Their national average salary for a primary occupation is $88,253, as stated by the Department of Labor.

Primarily, a nuclear power plant operator must operate the control rods of a nuclear reactor. This allows a power plant to produce as much electricity as needed.

However, They also verify wind turbines, nuclear power plants, and cooling systems while operating.

#12. Warehouse worker 

The typical annual salary of a warehouse worker in the United States is approximately $16.46.

However, This includes loading and unloading items, preparing and packaging orders, and labeling orders. Meanwhile, Warehouse workers are responsible for receiving and shipping warehouse products.

Warehouse workers are also responsible for conducting inventory controls and maintaining high standards for their inspections.

Finally, Some of the requirements for a warehouse worker include familiarity with and knowledge of warehousing practices and methods, valid forklift licenses, and strong organizational abilities.

#13. Conductor

Train conductors’ primary duty is supervising or separating train cars and determining when it is time for Chatsworth, California’s climbers to stop or leave a stop and slow down, informing them of the train’s stops and slowdowns, and selling tickets.

The director of a train’s train also needs excellent coaching abilities and complex knowledge regarding rail gear and standing for a long time to efficiently lead the team.

In addition, effective communication is essential since constant eye contact and even touching with passengers is required. This job can be performed without obtaining a degree.

#14. Receptionists 

Based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the median hourly pay for a receptionist is $16.94.

However, the receptionist’s primary duties are to welcome guests and greet them. Also, direct them upon arrival at an office or establishment. Meanwhile, this person ensures that the reception is ready and neat.

However, the experience will certainly allow someone to operate in this position, but there is no minimum requirement.

 #15. Transit Driver

This is one of the Best 20 Great Careers that pay Well without a Degree. Their salary range is $35,000 to $75,000.

However, the requirements change from state to state but usually need a high school diploma.

However, things will be easier than you think because you don’t have to go through those lengthy commutes.

#16. Web Developer

Approximately $37,000-$77,000 is the average salary range for designers and developers. You will have to have a strong portfolio, talent, and skill in this industry to have companies request an interview. However, those working in tech also have a higher opportunity to seek opportunities for women.

#17. Construction Manager

Their average earnings for salaries with the degree range from $56,000 to $143,000. However, most companies require that job applicants have a bachelor’s degree,

#18. Land Surveyor

$40,000 – $95,000 are the typical averages for a work-related salary. Meanwhile, earnings start lower, but with your teaching license, also you can be making $65K-$100K by year’s end.

Therefore, as you gain more experience, your income has the potential to reach six-figure figures.

#19. Realtor

Another Great Career that pays Well without a Degree is Real estate sales personnel. They shall have as much endurance as possible, as a huge part of the outlook on the field depends on housing markets. That being said, as long as you have a high school diploma, a real estate education course, and a license to sell, remaining a realtor with a millennial target audience will be simple.

#20. Court Reporter

Court Reporter is another Career that pays well without a degree.

However, $46,000 – $84,000 are considering the average earnings for someone due for a court reporting program, with one school in Canada based in Toronto and the other in Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are the most paying without a degree?

Generally, a few high-paying jobs don’t require a degree, but they are typically entry-level positions. For example, a cashier may make $11 per hour without a degree, while a nurse may make up to $65,000 per year without one.

What is the best career if I don’t have a degree?

There are many great careers without a degree. A few examples include:

  1. Salesperson
  2. Personal Trainer
  3. Chef
  4. Paralegal

How do I make six figures without a degree?

There are many ways to make six figures without a degree. Meanwhile, you can start your own business, work as a consultant, or find a job in the technology field. Also, many online courses and programs can help you learn new skills and increase your earning potential.

What job pays high with low stress?

No one job pays high with low stress, as each individual’s tolerance for stress varies. However, some jobs that may be considered high-stress but pay well include law enforcement, firefighting, and military service.

Is there any easy job that pays a lot of money?

There is no easy job that pays a lot of money. However, many jobs pay good salaries. Some of the most common high-paying jobs include doctors, lawyers, and engineers.


In conclusion, if you are interested in a great career but don’t have a degree, look at the best twenty-paying jobs that don’t require one.

However, by doing your research and applying some common sense, you can narrow down your options and find a rewarding career that fits your interests and skill set.

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