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Greece Employment Visa – Validity, Types and Documentation

Greece employment Visa and a residence permit are the two documents that any foreign employee must have before they can work in Greece. Applying for a Greece employment visa is a process that requires a lot of energy and attention. That is why you must get acquainted with the requirements and documentation.

Securing employment with a company in Greece is very joyful as it can lead to exploits and relocation. Often, countries establish new laws and policies guiding immigration or jobs. These policies are put in place for the smooth running of their countries. Most times, these policies might not be favorable to foreign immigrants.

With the tax cut policy and the benefits that Greece residents enjoy, Greece has become a gold mine for earning money. However, obtaining a Greece employment visa and a permit is a complicated process that varies for foreign citizens because of new visa rules and regulations.

About Greece

Greece is a country situated in Southeast Europe. It is where democracy, theater, Olympic Games, and many more originated. For this, it is referred to as the cradle of Western Civilization. In addition, the country is known for its ancient history and numerous cultures. Greece is made up of thousands of islands and mountains and has the most archeological museums in the world.

In terms of economy, Greece has many tourist places and natural reserves, contributing to its economic growth. Therefore, working in Greece won’t be only beneficial but would be fun as it is a perfect place for vacation and tourism.

This article discusses all you need to do to have a smooth Greece employment Visa processing experience. Ensure that you read through for a thorough understanding. Also, follow every step to avoid complications in your employment Visa application.

Types of Greece Employment Visa

There are generally two types of Greece Visas; the long stay visa and the short stay visa. In addition, the Greece government offers foreign nationals who secured employment in their country a long stay visa.

#1. Greek D work visa ( Long Stay Visa):

The long stay visa grants the holder the right to stay in the Greece territory for more than three months. However, the validity of the visa is mostly one year. That is to say, the holder of the long stay visa must renew it every year.

The government issues three categories of Greece long-stay visas: the Greece family reunification visa, the Greece employment visa, and the Greece student visa.

Greece Family Reunification Visa

If you are traveling to Greece to unify with a family member, you must apply for a family reunification visa. However, only family members ( spouse or children) of the individual residing in Greece can apply for this visa. In addition, the family reunification visa is granted for the institution of family relationships (like marriage or adoption).

Greece Student Visa

As the name implies, a student visa is issued to foreign nationals who got admission into a Greece institution or wish to involve themselves in education-related activities. Volunteers, students, researchers, persons participating in vocational training, scholars, and students at military training schools are eligible for this visa.

Greece Employment Visa

The Greece employment visa is offered to people employed in a Greece company or a company in Greece.

If you are issued a Greece employment visa, then you must apply for a resident permit immediately.

Greece long stay visa lasts for one year; some employment/works categories are granted with shorter visa validity. They include; 

  • Seasonal works (Tourism, Retail) – with a visa validity of up to six months.
  • Fish workers – visa is valid for up to eleven months.
  • Members of the artistic group- visa validity up to one year.
  • Legally employed foreign nationals of enterprises located in an EU member state who travels to provide specific service under contractual conditions- visa valid for up to one year.
  • Technical staff employed by a Greece enterprise located in another country but under a contract to provide a service in the enterprise’s branch in Greece- visa valid for up to six months.
  • Leaders of organized tourist groups – visa issues can last for up to eight months.
  • Athletes and coaches, journalists/sports reporters, and other specialized personnel for training purposes – visa validity for up to six months
  • Students participating in a traineeship program – up to six months

#2. Greek C work visa ( Short Stay Visa):

The Greek Schengen visa grants the holder the right to enter and stay in Greece for a maximum period of 90 days, either uninterrupted or within six months.

Documents required for a Greece Employment Visa

Obtaining a Greece employment visa requires the foreign applicant to submit the below-listed documents. These employment visa requirements, however, should be submitted together with the application form.

#1. A fully completed D work visa application form.

The form should be in both English and Greek languages. You must print and sign the application form before submitting it to the embassy.

#2. An international passport.

With a validity of at least three months after the D work visa expiration date. Make sure to capture your biodata in the passport. Your passport must have two blank pages at least.

#3. Copies of recent color passport photos.

Must not be older than six months, must capture the full face, and must reflect the applicant’s recent look.

#4. A Certificate of medical fitness

Certifying that the applicant has no underlying medical condition.

#5. Health insurance

Will cover all health expenses should any health risk occur.

#6. Travel insurance 

which covers every traveling risks

#7. A copy of the applicant’s criminal record.

A proof that the applicant has no underlying record of any criminal activities. This is mainly for security reasons and identity verification.

#8. Round Trip flight booking.

To prove that the applicant can cater for their flight expenses.

#9. Evidence of sufficient financial means.

To prove that the applicant can cater for himself throughout their stay in Greece.

#10. Proof of accommodation.

To certify that the applicant can pay for their accommodation or has made preparation for accommodation so as not to constitute a nuisance to the Greece community.

#11. A document of the employment contract.

This document must have been approved by the Greece public authority and duly signed by the employer and the employee.

Ensure to transcribe all of your documents in the Greek language before submitting them to the embassy. Furthermore, the employee must obtain a work permit after getting a Greece employment visa. This makes them eligible to work in Greece legally.

Note: Work permits now include residence permits. That is to say; your employee only needs a work visa and an extended stay visa to live and work in the country legally. 

How to Apply for a Greece Employment Visa

Applying for a Greece Employment Visa involves the step-by-step procedure listed below in no orderly manner;

Step #1. Fill out and submit the application form:

The application form comes in two parts. Regardless, you must complete both details of the form with the required information.

You should fill in your personal information in the first part of the application. The second part contains questions that try to determine the reason for your application.

 Step #2. Schedule a Visa Appointment: 

You must schedule an appointment and visa interview with your local Greece embassy. 

The interview is sometimes scheduled online. But most times, it is held in person. This depends on your local embassy and is compulsory in your visa application process.

Step #3. Present all required documents: 

You must make your documents available and keep them handy. 

Step #4. Biometric Capturing and Screening:

The Greece embassy in your country collects your biodata and information. However, if you haven’t traveled to any member country of the Schengen area in the past five years, do not worry. The embassy will still collect your fingerprint through scanning. At the same time, they will take an image of your face.

Step #5. Pay Visa Fee: 

Most countries’ Greece consulate allows for payment of the employment visa fee on the day of the interview. But this method of visa fee payment is not the same for every country’s Greece consulate.

What is the cost of acquiring a Greece Employment Visa?

One hundred eighty euros is the standard payment for a Greek D visa. The amount excludes other processing fee payments. 

For Greece employment visas with a short-term validity, the Visa fee payment is between 75 euros to 100 euros. All other fees are not included.

The time required to process the Greece employment visa varies. But the minimum time extent is six days, and the maximum time extent is three months. For more information visit their website here

Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries do not need a Greece long stay visa?

All countries that are members of the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA) do not need a Greece extended stay visa within the first three months. However, citizens of these countries will require an extended stay visa if they want to remain in Greece for more than three months.

Is Greece a member of the Schengen Area?

Yes, Greece is a member state of the Schengen Area. It joined the Schengen Zone in 2000.

Does Greece issue a transit visa?

Every European country issues a transit visa. This is because most flights to most of the European move in transit. So, Greece gives a transit visa like any other European country. 

Can I work with a Greece residence card?

No, you cannot work in Greece with a resident card. This is because the residence permit allows foreign citizens to reside on and travel the territory of Greece. However, it does not allow them the right to work.

Who can hold a Greek Blue Cards?

Highly skilled professionals of non-EU countries are a person who can hold a Greek Blue Card. This card grants them the right to work in Greece legally and is valid for only two years.


Every foreign employee requires a Greece employment visa and a Greece resident visa for any type of work in Greece. However, some work does not have the exact duration of stay as the others. Nevertheless, the visa holder enjoys the same work privileges and benefits as Greece citizens throughout the time it is valid.

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