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Greece Long Term Study Visa – A Full Guide

This article discusses the Greek long-term study visa program, which allows foreigners to stay in Greece for up to three years.

Meanwhile, it is an open program for students, researchers, and members of professional associations.

Therefore, applicants must have a valid passport and adequate funds to cover their expenses while in Greece. The visa can be extended if necessary, but applicants must apply within six months of their initial arrival in Greece.

However, Greece is a popular tourist destination. But it is also where many people want to live and work.

Therefore, moving to Greece is good. Applying for a long-term study visa is one of the best ways to obtain a residency permit. Also, this visa allows you to stay in Greece for up to three years, which is plenty of time to explore the country and find the right job.

However, this article provides a Guide on how to apply for a Greece Long Term Study Visa.

What is a Greece Long-Term Study Visa?

A Greece Long Term Study Visa is an option for international students. Most significantly, those interested in studying in Greece for an extended period. Meanwhile, this visa allows students to stay in Greece for three, six, or twelve months. Also, it will enable them to study at any accredited school in Greece. Additionally, this visa allows students to work in Greece while looking for and applying for Greek citizenship after completing their studies.

Therefore, if you are interested in visiting Greece but are unsure of what visa to apply for, a Greece long-term study visa may be the perfect solution for you.

Similarly, this visa also allows foreign students to stay in Greece for an extended period to complete their education. To qualify for a Greece long-term study visa, applicants must have a scholarship or financial aid award from a respectable institution of higher learning in Greece.

Location of Greece

Greece is located on the southern tip of Europe and is bordered by Albania to the northwest, Turkey to the north, Bulgaria and Macedonia to the east, and Italy to the south.

However, the country has a land area of 246,993 square kilometers and a population of 11 million. Originally, the capital city was Athens. Greece has a long and rich history dating back to the Minoan and Mycenaean periods.

Who needs a Greece Long Term Study Visa?

You might require a long-term study visa in Greece for several reasons:

  1. Someone may be studying at a Greek university or college.
  2. Someone may be working as a researcher or teacher at a Greek educational institution.
  3. Someone may be participating in an exchange program with a Greece educational institution.
  4. Someone may be married to or living with a Greek citizen and need a visa to stay in Greece.

To obtain a Greek long-stay visa for more than three months, you must be a national of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and/or Switzerland, as well as the European Union.

What are the types of a Greece Long Term Study Visa?

Greece Family Reunification Visa

If you wish to join a close relative in Greece, you will need to apply for a family reunification visa.

However, the following people are only eligible to apply for the application as spouses and children under eighteen of residence of Greece or the spouse of the applicant. This visa is also made available in the interest of establishing family rapport, like being married

or adopted.

Greece Employment Visa

To work in the Greek Islands, you will need to obtain an employment visa until you come from one of the countries in the world listed above.

However, this includes investors, coaches, creators, Presbyterian ministers, press correspondents, teachers, highly qualified employees, seasonal employees, fishermen, tour leaders, property investors, and many others.

Greece Student Visa

To become a subject of education, you should obtain a Study visa.

Generally, the most common beneficiaries of this visa are higher education students, volunteers, researchers, vocational training participants, scholars, and students participating in military training.

Major Requirements for a Greece Long-Term Study Visa?

To obtain a Greece long-term student visa, gather the documents as follows:

  • A certificate demonstrating registration and payment of fees at the appropriate education institute, or a certificate that you accept for registration.
  • Proof of income that permits you to pay for your living expenses as well as housing, amounting to at least 400 euros (400) per month, comes directly from the parents or the individual exercising parental authority if you are under 18 years old.
  • Speaking the Greek language is a critical requirement for attending the desired curriculum. The right school shall check your knowledge and issue a certificate, which will then be handed to the Greek consulate.

Cost of applying for a Long-Term Study Visa in Greece?

The fee for a long-term Greek visa is 180. though, the visa fees for other nations vary. However, the range of cost categories varies depending on the country.

International students who desire to study in the U.S must pay a $90 fee.

Assortment of employment categories subject to the payment of 75, the official site fee per, for processing Greek visa applications must be a minimum of 20. 60 per application for a visa. Albania or Turkey is paid for by ethnic Greeks living in these areas.

Whereas strategic investors and youngsters from Australia and Canada are exempt from paying a visa processing fee to Greece.

How to apply for a Greece Long-Term Study Visa

If you are interested in studying in Greece, there are a few steps you need to take.

First, ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Next, you should complete the application form and submit it to the appropriate embassy or consulate.

Finally, please wait for a response from the embassy or consulate and once you receive it, follow their instructions to finalize your application.

How long does it take to process a Greece Long-Term Study Visa?

After completing all of the necessary paperwork and paying the application fee, it can take up to six weeks for your Greece Long-Term Study Visa application to be at a finishing level. When your visa application has been processed and approved, you will get a confirmation email with all of the details. Please keep this email as you need to print it out to fill out the visa application form and bring it with you when you travel to Greece.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does it worth studying in Greece?

The economic crisis that has been ongoing in Greece for more than six years has profoundly affected the country’s educational system. However, the country’s two main universities, Athens and Thessaloniki, have seen a decline in enrolment rates and the number of students graduating from their respective faculties. This has led to the belief that it is no longer worth studying in Greece. However, there are still many excellent universities in Greece, with some of the best faculties in Europe.

How can I obtain a long-term Visa in Greece?

Obtaining a long-term visa in Greece can be difficult, but there are ways to make it easier. However, the most common way to obtain a visa is to apply through a travel agency or embassy. You can also apply online, but you will have to provide additional documents. If you are applying through a travel agency, they will usually handle all of the paperwork for you. Then, If you are applying online, you will have to fill out the application and may need to provide additional documentation.

How long do student visas for Greece remain valid?

Greece has been struggling financially since the global recession hit in 2008, and the country’s government has been cutting back on many public services. Meanwhile, This has made it difficult for Greek students to find work and study in other countries. As a result, student visas for Greece have been subject to frequent changes and renewals.

How much cash is necessary to obtain a student visa for Greece?

Greece is a member of the European Union, and hence student visas are necessary by the EU embassy in your home country.

However, the visa application fee is €60. If you are applying for a student visa for the first time, you will need to provide evidence of financial support from your parents or guardian. You will also need to provide proof that you have been accepted to a school in Greece.

How long does it take to get one for Greece? 

As Greece edges closer to a possible exit from the Eurozone, one of the critical questions on many people’s minds is what will happen to their currency, the euro. Unfortunately, the answer to that question could take some time, as there is no clear precedent for how such a transition would play out. In the meantime, one Greek company has started selling euros immediately. But is this an option for Greece?

Is it possible to live permanently in Greece?

There is no denying that Greece is a beautiful country to live in.

Nevertheless, its sun-drenched beaches, mountainous landscapes, and impressive history.

According to the Telegraph, many people are moving to Greece to order living costs. Also, other financial troubles back home. However, while the Greek economy has been picking up in recent years, it remains one of the poorest in Europe.


In conclusion, it is a good decision if you are interested in studying in Greece. The following guide will provide you with everything you need to know to apply for a long-term study visa. First, utilize the information to help you plan and prepare your application. Then, follow all the required steps to ensure a successful submission. Finally, do not hesitate to contact the relevant authorities if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for reading!

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