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Greece Medical Visa – Application, Requirements and Documentation

Getting a Greece medical visa is the first step you must take if you desire to receive cutting-edge medical care in the Schengen region. For example, suppose you want urgent medical attention in Greece but lack the knowledge to get one. Getting a medical visa in Greece is simple but different from a regular visa.

This is because, unlike the regular traveling visa, you need to provide sufficient evidence why you need medical attention abroad. That is why you must get a medical certificate from your doctor indicating why you need health care in Greece. Plus, a confirmation letter from the Grecian hospital suggests that you have an appointment with them.

Moreover, you must also provide evidence that you have made an advance payment for the medical bills. As well as provide a guarantee letter to prove that you’ll be able to cope with extra medical costs.

Based on this and other requirements, the embassy will decide whether you should be allowed entry into the country or not.

Let’sLet’s quickly run you through how you can apply, the documents you need, and the steps you should take to get your Greece medical visa.

What Is Greece Medical Visa?

You should get a Greece medical visa if you want to travel to Greece to get medical attention.

The visa permits you to enter Greece and any of the Schengen member states to receive medical treatment for your health condition. Moreover, the visa is intended for persons who require medical attention in Europe for a duration of up to ninety days. However, suppose your medical treatment is expected to remain longer. In that case, you should instead apply for a National Visa for medical treatment in the particular nation, allowing you to stay longer.

Who Needs a Greece Medical Visa?

If you are from any developing country, you will need a Greece medical visa. Most importantly, if your country did not sign a visa-free agreement with Schengen members, you must obtain a visa before you travel to Greece.

In contrast, citizens of the European Union and the United States do not need a Greece medical visa. This means they can enter Greece for up to ninety days and remain without a visa.

Documents Required When Applying for Greece Medical Visa

The following documents are necessary when applying for a Medical Treatment:

  • Complete the Visa application form – First, make sure you fill out all the stated information in the visa application form. Also, ensure to sign the form after you’ve printed it.
  • Provide two photographs – You must present two passport photographs. Make sure it is not more than three months old and is identical to meet the Schengen visa criteria for the visa.
  • Provide Valid travel documents/passport – As you already know, your passport is necessary. Ensure that the passport was issued no more than ten years ago and that it has three additional months of validity beyond the day you intend to leave the Schengen area.
  • Provide a copy of the data page from your passport.
  • Provide evidence of ”Roundtrip Flight Reservation’‘ – The roundtrip flight reservation is a document that provides information about your flights, including flight numbers and dates, to and from the Schengen Area.
  • Provide Proof of Travel Medical Insurance – It is mandatory that you have travel insurance before you apply for Greece medical visa. Make sure the insurance covers the entire Schengen region with at least €30,000 in coverage for your entire stay.
  • Provide Proof of accommodation – It is necessary that you provide evidence of where you will stay throughout your medical care trip. This could be accommodated in a hotel, clinic /hospital, rented house, or even a letter of invitation from a host.

Other requirements depending on your status include;

  • Provide Proof of civil statuses – Such as your marriage certificate; birth certificate of your children; or death certificate of your spouse(if required).
  • Provide evidence of paid fee – It is mandatory that you pay the €60 fee for adult persons. Bear in mind that the fee varies depending on a person’s age.
  • Proof of financial ability – You must have enough money to take care of your bills while in Greece. Usually, a bank statement or letter of sponsorship is accepted. Other forms of Proof include. * Evidence of upfront payments and bank statements for other related expenses. *Written note from your country’s ministry of health, if your home country will pay for it. This should be followed by a letter stating that the government is willing to pay for your medical bills.

Additional Documents Attesting to Patient’sPatient’s Requirement for Medical care

Specifically, you must provide the documents below to confirm that you need a medical visa for health treatment in Greece.

  • Provide a letter from the doctor/hospital/clinic: It is crucial that you tender a letter from your physician or hospital in your home country stating that you require medical treatment in Greece.
  • Present Official Confirmation of the treatment or appointment from the EU-receiving hospital or facility.
  • Present evidence of the financial arrangements or upfront payment for your medical care in Greece.
  • There should be communication between the sending and receiving physicians.
  • Provide a letter of assurance from the applicant attesting to your ability to pay for the additional medical expenses.
  • Provide evidence of accommodation in the Medical Clinic.

Documents Required Based on Patient’sPatient’s Employment status.

Also, present the documents below based on your employment status:

If you’re, you’re employed, provide your:

  • Employment contract
  • Approved letter of leave from your company
  • Pay slips for the previous six months.
  • Return on Income

For self-employed, provide:

  • A copy of your business license
  • The most recent bank statement for your company(not later than six months)
  • Your Income tax return receipt

For a student, provide:

  • Proof of enrollment in a university
  • Letter of Approval from your university

If you’re you’re retired, provide:

  • Your pension statements are not later than six months.

Additional Documents Required for Children

  • Birth Certificate: Present an original copy of the birth certificate of the child as well as a photocopy.
  • Letter of Consent: The letter of consent might be from:
  • –The other parent – Present a formal document from the other parent stating that he/she approves their child to travel with you( if needed).
  • Both parents: You must tender a formal document from you and/or your child’s other parent, indicating they have no objections to your child traveling with a third party, if relevant.
  • Parent’sParent’s death certificate: This becomes necessary If any of the child’s parents have died. If so, tender their death certificate.

Complete Steps to Apply for Greece Medical Visa

Follow this step-by-step guide to obtain your Greece medical visa:

  • Check if you require a Visa for short stays in the Schengen Area – The very first thing you should do, is to confirm if your country has signed a visa-free agreement with the Schengen member countries. If they had, then you do not need a visa to travel to Greece for medical care. If your country has not, proceed with this article’s next steps.
  • Find out where you should submit your application – Most times, visa applications are submitted either at an embassy or consulate of the country in your home country.
  • Fill out the application form for a Greece medical visa – When you have figured out where to submit your visa application, proceed by filling out the form. Make sure you sign the form after printing it.
  • Gather earlier listed documents for Greece Medical Visa. When you have to fill out the application form, keep at hand all the documents we listed earlier.
  • Book an appointment. You must, first of all, book an appointment with the embassy before your visit. If not, you might not be attended to when you arrive.
  • Attend the interview with all the needed documents. Make sure you carry all the necessary documents when you are about to be interviewed.
  • Pay the Greece medical visa fee – Make sure you pay the medical visa fee, depending on your age.
  • Wait for the embassy to give a decision on your application. Usually, it takes up to fifteen days for a decision to be made regarding your application.

How Can I get an Appointment for Greece Visa?

To get an appointment for Greece Visa, you must call the embassy ahead of time so that you can make an appointment with them. Make sure you arrive at the embassy a few minutes earlier than the time you agreed. If not, you might not be attended to. Also, do not forget to go with all your documents to the embassy.

How long does Greece Medical Visa Take?

A Schengen embassy/consulate typically takes about 15 days to process a Greece visa application for medical purposes. However, in exceptional instances involving the applicant applicant’s health, this term may be partially adjusted.

How Long is the Greece Medical Visa Valid for?

A Greece Schengen visa for Medical reasons is valid for up to 90 days in six months. However, suppose you need to receive medical treatment in the Schengen region for an extended time. In that case, you must apply for a long-stay National Visa for Medical Treatment in the corresponding nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a Greece visa online?

Yes, you can apply for a visa to Greece online. However, you must provide some basic information about yourself and your trip before you can pay the visa fee and submit your application.

How do I get a Greek medical visa?

The application process for a Greek medical visa may differ depending on your nationality and other factors.

In general, you will be required to provide a Certificate from a medical doctor confirming the need for specific medical treatment.

Official document from the receiving medical doctor or medical institution in Greece confirming that the applicant will be treated there.

What is a D visa in Greece?

A “D” visa for long-term stay allows its holder to enter and stay in Greece for more than three months. It may be issued for various reasons, including employment, study, or academic research. It could also be given for participation in cultural, scientific, and religious events and family reunification.

How do I get a Schengen visa for medical?

A Schengen visa for medical reasons can be obtained by submitting a letter from your doctor or hospital in your home country explaining the medical reason for your trip.

In addition, you must provide Proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservations. Also, you must have an invitation from a host, confirmed hospital/clinic accommodations, and so on. Proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)


Finally, to apply for a medical visa to Greece, you must provide documentation of your medical condition and Proof that you have sufficient financial resources to cover your expenses while in Greece. If you follow our instructions, the process should be simple. We hope you found this article helpful. Please share with your friends and family!

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