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Guatemalan Embassy in Canada – 4 Consular Services

Guatemala does not only have a Guatemalan embassy in Canada but also consular general and honorary consul headquarters in Montreal and Toronto respectively.

Reaching out to the embassy of Guatemalan in Canada will avail you to quite a few consular services.

As a matter of fact, the embassy and honorary consulates in Canada can assist you in applying and renewing your Guatemalan passport.

Hence, this post contains a variety of information on the Guatemalan embassy in Canada, its consulates, services, addresses, as well as full contact details.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy is the diplomatic representation of a country’s government in a foreign country.

Furthermore, it transmits messages of its home government to the government of the host country and vice versa.

It also informs its home country on issues regarding important issues such as social, political, and military issues that take place in the host country.

In addition, an embassy promotes its own culture, economy, and science in the host country. Majorly, embassies have consulate sections that exercise the function of a consulate.

Generally, a consulate is the representation of the public administration of a country in the host country. Moreover, it is responsible for its citizens who need passports, visas, and other services.

However, the embassy is usually located in the capital city of the host country while a consulate can be located in any of the major cities.

About Guatemala

Guatemala is a country located in Central America. It borders the Caribbean between Belize and Honduras and is also located on the Pacific Ocean between Mexico and El Salvador.

The country itself is a little smaller than the state of Tennessee at about 42,000 square miles.

Today, Guatemala treasures 22 of the longstanding languages. The official and most spoken language for Guatemala is Spanish.

More so, other languages that can be heard throughout the country include English, French, Chinese and German.

Several different religions are practiced in Guatemala today. However, Christianity remains as the main religion in the country.

In addition to a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, shops, and a modern BRT transport system (Transmetro), the country is home to many art galleries, theaters, sports venues and museums.

Guatemala City not only possesses a history and culture unique to the Central American region, it also furnishes all the modern amenities of a world class city, ranging from an IMAX Theater to the Ícaro film festival, where independent films produced in Guatemala and Central America are debuted.

Addresses of Guatemalan Embassy in Canada

The Guatemalan Embassy in Canada has its headquarters in Ottawa and consular general and honorary consul headquarters are in Montreal and Toronto.

Guatemalan Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

The embassy of Guatemala in Ottawa is located at 130 Albert Street, Suite 1010. You can contact them via telephone on 613 233-7237 and 613 233-7188 as well as by email [email protected].

The consular section, which shares premises with the embassy, can be reached by email [email protected].

Opening hours

The embassy is open Mondays to Fridays between 09:00am and 13:00pm. The offices of the embassy may not open during Canadian and Guatemalan public holidays.

Guatemalan Honorary Consulate in Toronto, Canada

Address: Toronto, ON L3T 6S9 Canada

Telephone: (+1) (416) 994 3060

Fax: (+1) (905) 762 1959

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Mr. Oscar Palma, Honorary Consul

Supervising authority: Embassy of Guatemala in Ottawa

Guatemalan Consulate General in Montreal, Canada

Address: 1255 University Street, Suite 512 Montréal, QC H3B 3B6 Canada

Telephone: (+1) (514) 397-2348

Fax: (+1) (514) 667-2469

Email: [email protected]


Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Mr. Nelson Rafael Olivero García, Consul General

Supervising authority: Embassy of Guatemala in Ottawa

Address and contact details of Canadian embassy in Guatemala

Canada’s embassy in Guatemala City is the only Canadian representative in Guatemala.

Canadian Embassy in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Address: Calle 8-44, Zona 10 Edificio Edyma Plaza, P.O. Box 400 Guatemala

Telephone: (+502) 2363-4348

Fax: (+502) 2365-1210

Email: [email protected]


Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Rita Rudaitis Renaud, Ambassador

Top 5 Services Provided by Guatemalan Embassy in Canada

Basically, the Guatemalan Embassy in Canada operates a comprehensive array of consular services to the citizens of Guatemala and other foreign nationals. They include:

  1. Passport applications
  2. Legalization of Documents
  3. Civil registrations (such as birth, marriage and death registrations).
  4. Issuing certificates for Temporary Residence in Guatemala
  5. Pension and retirement

How to Apply for Passport at Guatemalan Embassy in Canada

To apply for a passport, you must go to the nearest Guatemalan Consulate General to carry out the procedure and fill out the application.

More so, you will need to provide some documents, such as identification documents, personal information, take a digital photograph, register your signature and fingerprints.

Requirements for older ages (18 years and above)

To obtain your passport you can present any of the following requirements:

  1. Personal Identification Document (DPI) current and in good condition.
  2. If you do not have a DPI, you can submit your recent birth certificate not more than months after it was issued by RENAP with the Unique Identification Code (CUI) printed.
  3. In the case of woman who wish to add her married name in her passport, she must present her Guatemalan Marriage Certificate.
  4. Payment of USD $ 65.00 US dollars.
  5. If you lost the old passport, you must file a complaint at the local police station and bring the printed report for issuance of the new passport.

In case of destruction or damage, a letter signed by the owner is sufficient.

  1. Prepaid envelope (Express Post National) for sending passport.

Requirements for minors (under 18 years old)

Birth Certificate of the minor in original and recent issued by RENAP.

  1. Presence of both parents with Personal Identification Documents (DPI).
  2. If one of the parents has legal representation and custody, issued by a Guatemalan court, the minor must present original documents that prove it.
  3. In case one or both parents are not Guatemalan citizens, they must present a valid passport from their country of nationalization.
  4. If one of the parents is dead, the original Death Certificate issued by RENAP must be presented.
  5. If you lost the old passport, you must file a complaint at the local police station and bring the printed report for issuance of the new passport.

In case of destruction or damage, a letter signed by the owner is sufficient.

Most importantly, if one or both of the minor’s parents are in Guatemala, they must contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to grant the authorization of who will accompany the minor to carry out the procedures of obtaining a passport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Canadians Need Visa to Travel to Iceland?

Canadians do not need a visa to travel to Guatemala. That is, unless they will be staying for a period longer than 90 days. Only then will they need a visa.

When is the best time to apply for my Guatemalan visa?
The best time to apply for your Guatemala visa is 1-2 months before your travel date.


Guatemala is a great country with rich history and fantastic prospects. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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