Guide For Getting A Super Visa In Canada

If you are interested in a guide for getting a Super Visa in Canada, there are different guides to follow if you wish to get a super visa. these guides are outlined below. Having a super visa will enable you to visit your children or grandchildren for at least two years. Should in case you wish to stay for less then do not bother applying for a super visa you just have to apply for a visitor visa.

Difference Between Super Visa And Visitor Visa

The major difference between the suer visa and visitors visa is that the super visa allows you to stay in the country for at least two years but the super visa allows you o stay for up to two years without renewing it.

How To Apply For A Super Visa in Canada

Here are various ways to apply for a super visa which includes,

1. You have to first know if you are eligible to apply

2. Secondly, find out if you need an eTA

3. Apply for the super visa and check the processing times for the application

4. Find out things you should do or put in place after you have applied

5. You have to prepare for your arrival

6. Extend your stay and get an invitation letter

You can apply for a super visa online or on paper. If you apply online, no courier fees will be charged and the application will be processed quickly. if you also need to ask for more documents, you can quickly get and submit them. you can also get updates on the status of your application directly online.

However, before you apply, you have to get your documents ready and this documents include an invitation letter, a proof of financial support, a copy of the persons Canadian citizenship document, number of people in the household of the child or grandchild, a proof to show that your grandchild or child’s household meets the necessary income, proof of medical insurance payment, proof that you have undergone an immigration medical exam.

If you are from a visa-exempt country, you must give your fingerprints and photo after applying and if you travel by air, you will need to apply for an Electronic Travel authorization to allow you travel and enter Canada. You can also see ways to apply for a Canadian visa.