Guide to Creating Your Perfect Express Entry Profile

Guide To Creating Your Perfect Express Entry Profile. There are guide which will assist you in creating your perfect Express entry Profile. The paper based work of first-come first-served application system has been replaced by the express entry system. The Express entry System makes candidates to be ranked against each other and candidates with highest ranking are given invitation to apply for permanent residence.

How Profiles are ranked

Profiles are usually ranked based on work experience, educational qualification, adaptability factors, spouse related factors etc. You should make sure you create detailed and accurate information with documented proof.

1) You need to invest time, effort and money to your credentials but if you have money, it is better you further you education example a school graduate score 30 points, masters holder 135 points and PhD holder scores 150 points. so your educational qualification gives you an edge to the express entry.

2) You have to boost your language proficiency. The IELTS helps you to boost your language easily although there are other language test which can still help. You should try to take the IELTS test to be sure of what your score looks like. If you score low, you just try to retake the exam until you obtain a better score. See Also >>> Common Mistakes for express Entry Application Denial

3) You will be considered if you are going to be accompanied by your spouse or law partners. Your partners capability boost your profile.

4) You need to proof your skill level and work experience backed up with accurate documentation.

5) You have to apply at an early age for high human capital ranking. If you are between the age of 20-29 years , you are granted the highest score of 110 by CRS and if you are applying with an accompanied spouse, you get 100 points.