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Guinean Embassy in Canada – Citizen Services

The Guinean embassy in Canada is strategically positioned in some popular cities in Canada to help the guinean citizen have a hitch-free stay in Canada.

In this article, we have fully expressed the address of the Guinean Embassy, the Canadian consulate, and how to apply for a passport and visa at the Guinean embassy in Canada. Keep reading!

What is an Embassy?

Without a doubt, an embassy is the headquarter of a government representative that is serving in a foreign country. It is often headed by an ambassador.

Most certainly, the Guinean Embassy in Canada is the republic of Guinness diplomatic mission to Canada. The Guinean Embassy in Canada is well represented by the embassy in Ottawa. As well as the Guinean honorary Consulate in Toronto, Guinean honorary Consulate in Calgary, and Guinean Honorary Consulate in Vancouver.

About Guinea

Definitely, Guinea is a Western African country that is located on the Atlantic coast. Interestingly, the three major rivers in West Africa (the Niger, the Gambia, and Senegal) rise in Guinea. It is rich in natural resources, in addition to its hydroelectric potential.

Also, it possesses a large portion of bauxite reserves in the world and significant amounts of gold, diamonds, and iron. However, the major economy of the country is based on subsistence agriculture.

The national capital of Guinea is Conakry (also spelled Konakry) and is the chief Atlantic port largest city. Without a doubt, Express Conakry lies on the Camayenne (Kaloum) peninsula and the Tumbo (Tumbo) island.

The name was founded by the French in 1884 and the name rise from a local village that is inhabited by the Susu people

Basically, Guinea was part of a French West Africa under the name French Guinea until it achieved independence in the year 1958. Then, it was ruled by Lansana Conté (1984–2008), and Sékou Touré (1958–84).

Addresses of Guinean Embassy in Canada

Without a doubt, the Guinean embassy in Canada is in Ottawa, the address and contact details are given below

Address: 483 Rue Wilbrod St, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N1, Canada

Contact Details: 613 789 8444

Mail: [email protected]; and [email protected]

However, there’s a consular section that shares premises with the embassy. Thus, can be reached through email – [email protected].

For the Guinean consulates in Canada, we have the Guinean honorary Consulate in Toronto, the Guinean Honorary Consulate in Calgary, and the Guinean Honorary Consulate in Vancouver

#1. Guinean honorary Consulate in Toronto

Address: 555 Burnhamthorpe Road S/407, Toronto, ON M9C 2Y3. Canada

Telephone: (+1) 416 904 8429; (+1) 416 319 9077

Fax: (+1) 416 901 3375

Email: [email protected]

#2. Guinean Honorary Consulate in Calgary, Canada

Address: 719 Willamette Drive S.E. – Calgary – Alberta T2J 2A3 – Canada

Telephone: (+1) 403 225 2956

Fax: (+1) 403 225 2957

E-mail: [email protected]

#3. Guinean Honorary Consulate in Vancouver

Note that the Guinean Consulate in Vancouver is temporarily closed.

Addresses of Canadian Consular in Guinea

Perhaps you need to visit the Canadian consular in Guinea. Here, we have the contact details of the Canadian embassy and consulate that you can place a call through to in Guinea

Note that the Canadian Embassy is located in Conakry (the national capital of Guinea).

Address: Descente Plage Rogbane, Taouyah Corniche, Conakry, Guinea

City: Conakry

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 224 60 236022

Phone: 224 60 236022


Services Provided by Guinean Embassy in Canada

Apparently, the Guinean Embassy in Canada provides a wide range of services, ranging from passport processing and visa as well as other documents legalization.

Most certainly, the counseling services provided by the Guinean Embassy in Canada include document legalization, passport, emergency, travel document, assistance, visas, and so on. However, you can contact them ahead to be know how to book an appointment.

Also, you can book an appointment with your phone through phone calls during official opening hours. The consulate majorly dedicates support for cities in Canada and prioritize their appointment.

Without a doubt, if you want to obtain a passport and visa in the Guinean Embassy in Canada, you should know about the different type of passports, which are

  • Single Entry Guinea Visa (VCS)
  • Long Term Guinea Visa (VLS)
  • Multy Entry Guinea Visa (VESRM)
  • Visa Prorogation (VT)
  • Visa de Transbordement (VTB)
  • Service Visa (VS)
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Courtesy Visa
  • Travel Insurance

How to Apply for Passport at Guinean Embassy in Canada

Most certainly, if you want to apply for a passport at the Guinean Embassy in Canada, you will have to follow these steps.

Step one: You must fill a form

Note that the form filler will make the selection of the correct form for you based on the information you input. However, a different form may be generated from what you expected. According to 22 U.S.C. 2714a and 22 C.F.R 51.60(f), you must provide a social security code (if you have been issued one)

Step two: Provide Evidence of Guinean Citizenship

Secondly, To apply for Guinean citizenship in Guinea Embassy in Canada, you must provide evidence of citizenship and bring it along with you if you can.

Step three: Present ID

Thirdly, you must present ID and bring the photocopy of your ID for identification

Step three: Provide a Photo

Likewise, you have to provide a photo of yourself for your passport processing in the Guinean Embassy in Canada

Step four: Calculate Fees

After fulfilling the above requirements, you will have to calculate your application and passport fee.

Step five: Submit Your Completed Application

Lastly, submit your completed applications and anticipate your passport.

Guinean visa requirements

Undoubtedly to apply for a guinea visa in Canada, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport (that is valid for more than 6 months)
  • Yellow fever certificate
  • Return flight booked ticket (confirmed ticket)

However, there are specific requirements for different visas, these requirements are below

#Guinea Business visa requirements

If you visit the Guinean Embassy in Canada to obtain a business visa, you will need the following documents in addition to the general visa requirement stated above.

  • An invitation letter that is signed by the organization or company in Guinea that you want to visit. However, the letter must be on the letterhead of the company. Also, you must state the duration and purpose of your visit as well as your full name
  • Likewise, you must provide a letter from your employer that state the purpose of your travel and if applicable, guarantees your financial support

#Guinea tourism visa requirements

Also if you visit the Guinean Embassy in Canada to obtain a tourism visa, you will need the following documents

  • Hotel reservation or proof of other accommodation
  • However, if you will be staying with a family or friend you must get a letter of invitation from them

#Guinea work visa requirements

Likewise, if you visit the Guinean Embassy in Canada to obtain a visa to work in Guinea you have to provide the following documents in addition to the general documents listed above

  • Firstly, you will need an approved contract of employment by the relevant authorities
  • Alternatively, you can get authorization from relevant authorities to promote an industrial agricultural artistic activity commercial or practice in a liberal profession.

#Guinea transit visa requirements

However, if you visit the Guinean Embassy in Canada to obtain a Transit visa through Guinea you will need the following documents when applying for a guinea transit visa

  • Proof of onward travel, such as an airline ticket
  • Scanned copy of your passport’s information page
  • A passport-size picture with a white background
  • Visa to the third country, if a visa is required
  • Yellow Fever Certificate

Visa requirement upon arrival in Guinea

Most importantly, after your whole application process in the Guinean Embassy in Canada, on arrival at the airport in Guinea, you must show the immigration officer the following documents at the arrival counter

  • A confirmed return-flight ticket
  • Your eVISA Entry Visa Letter or Registration Receipt
  • Also, Your passport (which is valid for at least another 6 months)
  • Likewise, proof that you have sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay, such as traveler’s cheques, cash, debit/credit cards,
  • Proof of accommodation in Guinea, such as a hotel reservation
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Guinea consular do in Canada?

Basically, a Guinean consular provides birth registration, passports, and many other services for residents or visiting Guinean citizens in Canada. Likewise, they offer consular sections that issue visas for foreign citizens to work, study and visit Guinea.

Does a Canadian need visa to visit Guinea?

Asa Canadian citizen , you need Guibnea visa to visit Guinea. You can contact the Guinea Embassy in this article for more inquiries.

How long does it take to get a Guinea visa at Guinean Embassy in Canada?

Without a doubt, the Guinean visa usually takes up to 3 days.


Obviously, the Guinean Embassy in Canada is keen to serving Guinean citizens in Canada. The citizen services offered by the embassy are top-notch. However, ensure to meet all requirements to obtain a visa to Guinea

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