Haskayne School of Business MBA Program Overview

The Haskayne School of Business was started at the University of Calgary in the year 1967. The school was named Haskayne in the year 2002 in the honor of Richard F. Haskayne. The school produces highly skilled and competitive students who are widely accepted in any part of this world. The school as more than 4,400 students who are pursuing different business programs on the part-time and full-time basis. Any student from any country can apply so that he/she can pursue any course in the Haskayne School of Business.

Vision of Haskayne School of Business

Its vision is to be recognized internationally as the center for excellence in community outreach, research, and business education, with a unique emphasis in the elements that define Alberta and Calgary which are ethical leadership, entrepreneurship, and energy.

Mission of Haskayne School of Business

By mobilizing scholarship and active learning it prepares the students to go into the world so that they can lead, sustain entrepreneurial activities and communities.

Haskayne School of Business MBA Programs

The Haskayne School of Business offers the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Master of business administration( MBA)
  • Executive MBA
  • Global energy executive MBA
  • Ph.D. in management

Location of Haskayne School of Business

The Haskayne School of Business is located in the main campus of the University of Calgary and in the downtown center. The staff and students from the school of business enjoy to the fact that they are located near international vocational destinations such as Lake Louise and Banff which are in the center of rocky mountains. In this areas, the students can enjoy some activities such as hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing during their leisure time.

The address for the main campus is Scurfield Hall, Calgary
The phone number is 4032205685
The address for Downtown Campus is on 6th Floor at the 906 8th Avenue, Calgary.
Mobile phone number 4032206600

Haskayne School of Business MBA Admission Requirements


1. Daytime MBA
Tuition fees
CA $32,462.40 for the permanent and Canadian Citizens
CA$ 57,615.60 for International students
Application fees are:
Canadian citizens are CA$125
International students are CA$145
Must be fluent in English
Intakes are done on August
Duration is 20 months

Areas of specializations
Real Estate Studies
Project Management
Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Admission requirements:

  • Two letter of requirements
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Special examination scores in TOEFL and GMAT
  • Undergraduate program from a recognized institution with a grade point average of 3.0 and above.

• International students who wish to apply must apply before March 1.
• Local students must apply before July 1

Prospective candidates can compare their admission requirements with that of other MBA Universities in Canada.

Thesis-Based MBA

Must be fluent in English
Duration for the program is 24 months
• Master’s thesis requirement of Faculty of Graduate Studies.
• The program is flexible therefore you can take up to five years maximum to complete it. years.

Haskayne School of Business Tuition fees

Canadian and Permanent Residents must pay CA$32,462.40 while International Students must pay CA$57,615.60. Application fees are CA$125 for permanent residents and Canadian citizens and CA$145 for the international students.

Admission requirements

  • Resume
  • Special examination scores in TOEFL and GMAT.
  • Two letters of reference
  • Statement of career learning goals
  • Undergraduate degree from an internationally recognized institution with a GPA of 3.0 and above.

Evening MBA:

  • Must be fluent in English.
  • Intakes are conducted on January and September
  • Duration period is 32 months

Haskayne School of Business MBA Areas of specialization

  • Real Estate Studies
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Study Duration: Maximum time to complete the program is 6 years. Application Deadlines are on November 15 and June 1 of every year.

Haskayne School of Business Evening MBA Tuition fees

Canadian and Permanent Residents is CA$32,462.40
International Students is CA$57,615.60
Application fees are CA$145 for international students and CA$125 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents

Executive MBA

1. Alberta / Haskayne Executive MBA

Tuition fees are CDN110,000 for all students.
Application fees are CA$130 for international students and CA$100 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
Must be fluent in English
Intakes are done on January and August
Duration for the program is 22 months
The area of specialization in finance.

Classes are held from Saturday up to Friday
Application deadline for international students is on March 1
Application deadline for domestic students is on June 1.
Admission requirements
Seven years full-time work experience post degree
IELTS or TOEFL for students who do not speak English as their first language
Two reference letters
Personal interview
Current resume
Written statement
Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
Professional degree or A four-year undergraduate from a recognized university with a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA in the final two years of the


Scholarships and awards that are offered:

  1. Entrance awards- To be able to get this award you must apply for the admission. After you have successfully submitted your application you will be allowed to access the application form.
    You can access this award by looking at a myUofC portal. For you to apply you will need to enter the eID and the password that you created when you were applying for an admission.
  2. The university also offers awarded based on students that are nominated and those who have excelled academically. You can apply for this award by looking at the student center.

So that you can get this award you must meet the following criteria. Must have done all the winter and fall exams that are set by the University of Calgary.  Must be a full-time student and registered at least 24 units for the undergraduate programs. The scholarships need a GPA of a minimum of 3.20 and for the bursaries is 2.60 GPA minimum.

Graduating students awards: The graduating students are also given convocation awards based on the ones who scored the highest distinction. Those who are awarded are chosen by the school of business academic staff.

The alumni association:

It is governed by the following guidelines:
The vision of the association is to develop an organization which builds a long-lasting community of people who are committed to support its members, learn from one another and educates each other.
The mission of the association is to build a dynamic and strong community for mutual support among the graduates and current students with the focus to empowering all EMBA students alumni in any place where they are pursuing their professional goals. Haskayne School of BusinessThe alumni association has more than 24,000 registered members who are working in different parts of the world.

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