Having Questions On Rental Agents In Canada?

As you might be one of those migrants anticipating on settling in an apartment after you land in Canada but still having questions on Rental Agents in Canada. Just read on. You won’t need to go far as we want to support you with some experience you will need to learn from.

Drusilla intends moving to Vancouver at the beginning of May. She and her family are planning on spending their first month at a property booked through Airbnb. During that month she would like to find a good alternative for a permanent living solution. However, she needs to get answers to some bothering questions such as:

  1. Will 1 month period be long enough to find and be able to move into a 1 bedroom flat in central Vancouver or is it necessary to book more than 1 month through Airbnb?
  2. Will $2000 be an okay budget for a one bedroom flat?
  3. How are the references checked? Since they will be moving from their home country, will their landlord there be contacted?
  4. Once they take a view at a flat and are interested in renting it, what will be the likeliness of actually being successful in getting that place? that is if somebody applies for it before them, will it be more likely to get it just because they were first? Does the possibility of getting it depends on income, as an example?

Therefore we helped Drusilla to know that:

  1. It is definitely uncertain if the 1month period will be long enough to find and move into a 1 bedroom flat in central Vancouver.
  2. Maybe $2000 will be an okay budget only depends on the area of the apartment in Vancouver.
  3. Concerning checking for references, it will be up to the landlord to decide their letting procedures.
  4. The choice of who first gets the flat will be the landlord’s choice. Also, since some properties are foreign-owned, they might want to check your tax residency too.

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