Here’s How To Get Scholarships To Fund Your Studies In Canada

Despite what it may seem, education abroad is not reserved for the rich and affluent. Canada, like many countries in the world, welcome international students from all backgrounds so it offers many scholarships, both through the higher institutions and from the government themselves.

However, eligibility requirements tend to vary in some cases from one application to another application, so where one scholarship may request for a personal essay, another may just request for references. Some scholarships are offered solely on academic merits or sporting achievements or even based on community development pursuits, so be mindful of your abilities and match them to what’s out there.

Canusim News detailed many of the most popular best scholarships in Canada and what you need to know to lay your hands on these scholarship rewards. Here are just some of the best scholarships which just might be good for you…

Global Affairs International Scholarship for International students

Canada is working with organizations across the world that work to increase accessibility for international student, many of which work via research opportunities. There are a good number of scholarships of this nature available.

The amount of scholarship awards that may be given to you may varies depending on your study levels and how long you will spend studying in Canada but basically these scholarship offer between CAD$7,200 (US$5,600) and CAD$14,700 (US$11,400) in scholarship money.

Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program (CGS-M)

Currently running at many Canadian universities across the country, the CGS-M is available to international students already enrolled and have Canada permanent residence status. It is awarded to support students’ research in the fields of Natural sciences and or engineering, health and social sciences and/or humanities.

If successful, you will be awarded CAD$17,000 (US$13,100) for up to twelve (12) months of your studies. Each year up to 2,000 students enrolled in Master’s programs at Canadian universities enjoy from the scholarships.

To register for the CGS-M there are a fair few requirement including being enrolled in full-time graduate program at Master’s or Doctoral level at a Canadian post secondary institution with a CGS-M allocation as well as averaging a first-class. You must also be a permanent resident of Canada so already living and/or studying there is a must.

Interested candidates should refer to the dedicated CGS-M webpage for further details.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

If you want to study in the province of Ontario in Canada, you may be in luck. The OGS is funded by Ontario’s provincial government in conjunction with the school you will attend. It awards graduate international students with CAD$10,000 (US$7,750) or CAD$15,000 (US$11,650) depending on how many terms make up their course of study.

Each year Ontario spends about CAD$30 million (US$ 23 million) on funding the program.

You will be evaluated on your research skills, academic capabilities, and volunteering and leadership experience. You must be presently enrolled in a graduate program at Master’s or Doctoral level at a participating Ontario post secondary school on a valid study permit and studying for a minimum of two terms full-time…

Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS)

In 2010, the Ontario provincial government introduced the OTS to encourage the wealthy Canada’s international student body to Ontario to undertake their PhD programs.

Successful students are granted CAD$40,000 (US$31,000) and are automatically qualified – so long as they keep their academic record – for renewal every three (3) years after the first year.

Interested students are advised to look at the website for further details and to confirm which Ontario post secondary institutions participate in the scheme.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier CGS program grants postgraduate students with CAD$50,000 (US$39,000) every year for three years of doctoral studies. Each year the Canadian government selects up to 167 new Vanier CGS scholarship recipients.

You must, however, show academic excellence as well as strong leadership qualities on your PhD-level program and be selected by your institution.

Interested students should look at the government website for further information and deadlines.

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