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Hot Jobs in Manitoba Canada for New and Old Settlers

Discover how to easily access, apply and land your desired jobs in Manitoba.

Do you live or you intend to immigrate to Manitoba and are you likewise in search of employment in this province, there are numerous hot jobs in Manitoba, in addition to the numerous opportunities and ways for landing these desired jobs. These ways are processes you can easily access and apply to.

This article shall be revealing and leading you to some of the most important information and links for searching and landing good jobs in Manitoba.

Therefore, I urge you to pay attention and follow through on reading this post to the very end. We assure you, you will get the necessary information that you require to help you land your dream job in Manitoba.

Find My Hot Jobs in Manitoba

In the official website of the government of the province of Manitoba, you will discover lots of programs offered by the government of Manitoba and career opportunities in the province.

The content here are divided into several categories that can help you streamline your search.

  • Government Hot jobs in Manitoba. Firstly, on the list, is Government hot jobs in Manitoba. Here, you are certain to find a job or begin a career with the Government of Manitoba if you are interested in the civil service sector.
  • Job Bank. Secondly, is the Government of Canada Job Bank. This site provides you with jobs posted daily by employers from across Manitoba and Canada available to all categories of people including immigrants.
  • Health-Related Careers. Thirdly, are health-related careers. If your career is in the health sector or health-related sector, this website is certainly one you should check out for all health-related careers throughout Manitoba.

Jobs in Manitoba – Skilled Trades

The skilled trades categories links you up with opportunities and job in Manitoba which are skill, apprenticeship and training related. These are listed below:

  • Apprenticeship Training
    Apprenticeship is quality mentoring, low-cost, post-secondary training which leads to acquiring a certification to becoming a journeyperson in a particular trade.
  • Red Seal Program (Trade Certification)
    The Red Seal Program is the program all qualified tradespersons must undergo and be certified by in other to be able to practice their trades in any participating Canadian province or territories, thus, these qualifications are transferable.

Jobs in Manitoba – Students

  • Manitoba Youth Job Centers
    The programs of the Manitoba Youth Job center assist students in Manitoba to find summer employment; These centres are, however, not open all year round, they are only open for assistance from May to August of each year.
  • STEP Services
    Step services are The Federal Government of Canada-led initiatives and programs which allow Manitoba youths to register online for summer and part-time jobs, in addition to co-operative education work with the Government of Manitoba and related organizations.

Jobs in Manitoba – Legislative Internship Program

This program avails the graduates of Manitoba’s universities, likewise, graduates of other universities permanently resident in Manitoba with opportunities to experience firsthand the legislative process in the Manitoba Legislature.

In addition, the interns are engaged in a series of seminars that deal with every aspect of the governmental process.

  • Partners with Youth

    This program involves contracts with non-profit institutions, community-oriented organizations, institutions, or private training centers that are engaged to deliver projects that will improve the youths of Manitoba general employability, that is by; further training, career coaching, and above all mentoring etc.

  • Youth Build Program:

    In the same vein, youth build programs are agreements with non-profit organizations, community-centered organizations, institutions or private training agencies who deliver projects that are meant to promote Manitoba’s youth general employability through offering employability skills, pieces of training, work experiences as well as job placements.

  • High School Apprenticeship Program

    This program allows you to begin apprenticeship while you’re still in high school. Consequently, it helps to connect regular Senior Years school education with paid, part-time, or on-the-job apprenticeship training.

Urban/Hometown Green Team

In Manitoba, there is the Urban/Hometown Green Team initiative program. This Green team program helps to create significant and career-centered summer employment opportunities for students and also for unemployed youths between age 15 – 29 years.

Furthermore, employers in this program provide several community development opportunities that impact the neighborhoods positively, encourage community involvement and help identify and build young leaders.

Foreign Trained Workers – Work Qualifications and Credentials

If you are working or searching for jobs in a regulated trade, For example, the Medical Licensure Program for International Medical Graduates (MLPIMG), you will have to be licensed or registered with the accredited national body in Manitoba before you can practice.

Most importantly, this regulated trade program helps foreign-trained medical personnel obtain the necessary medical license in other to practice as a primary care physicians in Manitoba.

Check out these 9 Jobs In Manitoba that Increased In-Demand

Job Referral Service

There are several job referral outfits in the online space, which particularly provide online services aimed at connecting Manitoban’s with rural or Northern Manitoba Hydro construction projects and other job opportunities..

Manitoba Government Civil Service Commission

There are a number of recent job postings by the civil commission of the Manitoba provincial government.

These opportunities involves working for Manitoba Government, getting important information you need to know as one seeking jobs in Manitoba, similarly, is the Manitoba Government internship programs.

Teaching Opportunities in Manitoba

Teaching opportunities are also very available in Manitoba, however, it is required that you hold a valid Manitoba teaching certificate.

Careers in Early Learning and Child Care

Undoubtedly, jobs are quite enormous in this unit of the education sector in Manitoba, you can start and grow your career here if you are infant-centric and loving.

Physician Job Opportunities

As a doctor looking for a professional and more exciting challenge, which additionally, offers the promise of outstanding quality of life, then you must consider what Manitoba is got to offer.

Health Careers

Here you will be able to discover new leads, that should help you to find job postings in the health care sector in Manitoba.

STEP Services

The STEP services initiative program is the official student employment placement service of the Provincial Government of Manitoba.

Below is a list of In-Demand Jobs in Manitoba, Canada
  • Business, finance, and administration occupations
  • Natural and applied science and related occupations
  • Health occupations
  • Occupations in social science, education, government service, and religion
  • Occupations in art, culture, recreation, and sport
  • Sales and service occupations
  • Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations
  • Occupations unique to primary industry
  • Occupations unique to processing, manufacturing, and utilities

Rural In-Demand Occupations

The table below shows special in-demand occupations, however, these are eligible jobs outside of the Manitoba Capital Region.

These includes such towns as; Hanover, Springfield, Altona, and Rhineland which are examples of rural municipalities in need of skilled workers.

Meanwhile, these small towns and smaller cities are growing speedily, and creating new jobs monthly, therefore, are in need of strong labour injection so as to support their growth.

View Rural in-demand Occupations in Manitoba

Rural in-demand occupations

NOC Code Eligible Occupations
3413 Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
9462 Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers

If you’d love to live and work in Canada through the MPNP and your occupation or career path is in-demand (eligible) in Manitoba, you may consider yourself in good luck because you are right on the right track.

Additional Resources for would-be Newcomers

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programs  (MPNP) Provides information, instructions and referral for new immigrants preparing to move to Manitoba by assisting them to plan for immigration through the provincial nominee program (MPNP)

General MPNP Process and Policies

General MPNP Process: You are required to provide the following documents, in addition to meeting the eligibility criteria.

  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • The Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) issuance
    • Each MPNP stream has its own criteria for the issuance of LAA 
  • Submit your MPNP application.
    • Make sure to learn about each MPNP stream for the procedure for applying to MPNP after receiving your LAA
  • Procedural fairness
  • Nomination and withdrawal of nomination
  • Application for Permanent Residency

General MPNP Policies and Terms: Despite there are numerous streams for applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, several key program policies, however,  apply to all application streams, these includes the following:

  • Support funds and LICO
  • Numbers of Eligible dependants
  • Proof of Language proficiency
  • Use of Immigration representatives

FRequently Asked Questions

Who is a skilled worker in Manitoba?
A skilled worker is anyone who falls under any of the three immigration streams which is aimed at foreign nationals who already have work experience or have a job offer in Manitoba, in addition to possessing the required skills and training to do well in the Manitoba labour force.
What Hot jobs in Manitoba are currently in high demand?

The pandemic has caused certain Manitoba occupations to be more in-demand than others. Below are 9 Manitoba jobs that are currently in demand due to COVID-19.

  • Graphic designers and illustrators (NOC 5241)
  • Cleaning supervisors (NOC 6315)
  • Delivery and courier service drivers (NOC 7514)
  • Computer network technicians (NOC 2281)
  • Insurance agents and brokers (NOC 6231)
  • Shippers and receivers (NOC 1521)
  • Material handlers (NOC 7452)
  • Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations (NOC 4412)
  • Store shelf stockers, clerks and order fillers (NOC 6622)