How A Minor Child Can Become A Canadian Citizen

Is your child born outside of Canada? Are you looking for a way of getting Canada Citizenship for your minor child? This article will explain how a minor child can become a Canadian Citizen.

A child born outside of Canada may qualify for citizenship and become a Canadian citizen if one of the parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of the child’s birth. In this case, the parents or guardian of the child may apply for a citizenship certificate with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the body authorized for immigration issues in Canada.

But for children whose parents are not yet Canadian citizen, the process is different. Parents who are not yet Canadian citizen first need to apply for immigration to the country, get Permanent Residency and then wait until their residency is completed. Parents may then apply for Canadian citizenship for themselves and for their child.

*In the case of a child born inside Canada, and has a citizenship certificate or a birth certificate with a Canadian address, the parent can apply for a Canadian passport without applying for a citizenship certificate.

Eligibility for a Minor Child to Become a Canadian Citizen

Children born outside of Canada to Canadian parents must prove two things:

  • That the minor is the child or adopted child of a Canadian citizen
  • That the parent was a full Canadian citizen at the time of the child’s birth

In order to prove that these requirements are met, certain documents have to be included in the application.

To show that a minor is the child of a Canadian citizen, the parent can produce the child’s long-form birth certificate which indicates the names of both parents.

Then, they will need a copy of the child’s mother’s or father’s certificate of citizenship or birth certificate with a Canadian address.

Applying for a Citizenship Certificate

The form that parents will have to fill out to apply for a citizenship certificate for their child is called Form CIT 0001, The Application for a Citizenship Certificate.

This form also clearly lists instructions on how to fill it out and a checklist of necessary documents.

In order for a document to be accepted by the CIC it must be filled out correctly and properly, with the required associated fee included. Fees may be paid online in some cases.