How Can I Check My Canada Immigration Application Status Online?

How Can I Check My Canada Immigration Application Status Online? Canada is a major immigration destination in 21st century. Especially, with difficult immigration rules in USA, UK and so forth, migrants has made Canada an obvious place for immigration. Additionally, Canada’s economy, infrastructure, employment opportunities and flexible immigration procedures have also attract tens of thousands of immigrants every year.

The applicants filing in for a Canadian visa often remain curious or inquisitive about knowing their application status, so that they can get prepared for the next step well in advance. Read on to find out how the applicants usually confirm their visa application status.

How to confirm Canada immigration application status

Well, you can confirm your application status online based on the mode of application below;

Online application:

You can confirm your application status online through a simple method. Just log on into your online account. Then click on the tab: ‘View my Submitted applications or profiles’. You will be able to see the messages or status received from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on your account.

But, if you haven’t applied online, you can also confirm your application status online through the following ways. Check application tool:

You can use the Check application status tool being created for Canada immigration applicants by IRCC. This tool is obtainable on IRCC website and being updated on daily basis.

You will be required to enter key details about your application and result will be displayed immediately to you, with regards to your current application status.

Create online account:

Another way to confirm your application status is by creating an online account and connecting the same to your visa application. Opening an online account is beneficial in multiple ways. In the online account, you can receive communication from IRCC as per your application status as well as a message about any further document needed by IRCC.

But you should note that, this way of checking status may not be applicable to all types of visa applications.