How Canadian Visa Extension Work

How Canadian Visa Extension Work – You may be on a leisurely trip in Canada, visiting your family, studying your program of interest, or working temporarily, circumstances may change and you may want to either change your conditions in Canada or extend your trip.

Applying for a visa extension in Canada is one of the most requested kinds of Canadian visas it is not at all uncommon. However, the application process for such an extension can be a rigorous process and considerably complicated resulting in many applicants not obtaining their desired request. For this reason, it is recommended to seek the advise of an immigration professional.

Once you are in Canada, you will have a defined period of time which you are legally allowed to stay in the country. In addition, you may have terms or conditions which allow you to study or work.

If you like to extend your stay or change your conditions, you may do so from inside Canada. However, the acceptance of such a request depends on the case the individual has presented to justify their stay and also how thoroughly the applications has been followedMost individuals have been rejected upon their request due to such criteria not being met.

Who is a Canadian Visa Extension for?

A request to extend visa or change conditions in Canada is made by individuals who are already here and they include:

  • Visitors to Canada
  • Study permit holders
  • Work permit holders

Individuals who at the time of application have valid status in the country are the ones eligible for a Canadian visa extension.

Necessary questions to ask a Licensed Canadian Immigration Professional About Visa Extension

Not all immigration professionals are created equal. It has come to our notice that Canadian Visa Extensions are rejected because the right questions were not discussed.

Below are some important questions you would like to ask any person you are planning on hiring to help you with your Canadian Visa Extensions application.

  • How long does it take before ones status expires and must you make an application?
  • If his or her visa expires, what would he or she do to remain in Canada after a visa extension application has been submitted?
  • If one decides to study or work in Canada, where would the application be submitted?

The immigration professional should not have any problem answering those important questions for you.

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