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How Do I Settle In Canada After Studying?

Are you through with your studies and interested in settling in Canada either temporarily or permanently to work?

This page provides information on the steps you have to take after you finish your studies from any of the designated learning institutions in Canada.

After you graduate from your program of studies (i.e at diploma or degree or Ph.D. level), you may be able to work temporarily or even live permanently in Canada. This section will explain two scenarios where you could settle in Canada after studies.

Post-graduation work permit

If you have concluded your studies and would like to settle in Canada to work, you may apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) to replace your study permit.

Usually, PGWP is valid for the same period as your program of study, or a minimum of Eighteen (8) months and a maximum of three (3) years. If you have earned a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, the permit is usually valid for Three (3) years.

To qualify, you must meet all the conditions of your program, including language requirements, dissertation defense, internships, and final submission.

You must apply within Ninety (90) days of completing your program, and your study permit must be valid at the time you apply.

The processing times normally range from Three (3) to Six (6) weeks for online applications and Eight (8) to Twelve (12) weeks for mailed applications, so we suggest doing it online.

You can also check the processing times for applications submitted for Canada at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website portal.

There is a CAD155 processing application fee for the post-graduation work permit.

Standard documents will be needed to get a post-graduation work permit:

  • Official confirmation that you have completed your studies and/or final transcripts
  • Valid study permit
  • Passport
  • Passport photograph
  • Other supporting documents specific to your situation (e.g., medical exam, police report)

Applying for a temporary resident visa inside Canada

Citizens of certain countries have to get a temporary resident visa (TRV) from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be able to come to Canada.

Once you have entered Canada, you do not need to have a valid temporary resident visa. Your work permit or study is the official document that gives you legal status in Canada.

But, a valid visa is required if you leave and want to re-enter Canada. If you wish to travel outside Canada and your visa will expire when you are gone, then you can apply for a new visa before you leave.

Standard processing times vary from Three (3) to Six (6) weeks. You can check the processing times for the applications submitted inside Canada at the CIC website. There is a CAD$100 application fee for the temporary visa.

So, these are the ways to adopt in order to settle and work temporarily or permanently after you finish your studies in Canada. Read another recommended resource on Important Things You Should Know while applying for a Study Visa In Canada.

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