How Do I Track My Canadian Visa Application Status?

How Do I Track My Canadian Visa Application Status?

Canada is one of those advanced countries with an excellent point-based immigration system put in to place. This system is so reliable such that both applying and tracking of application is automatically enabled.

Many applicants feels nervous when waiting for the end-result of their visa application and would want to know the final status.

Therefore, this article is designed to enlighten you with the process of tracking visa application status for Canada. It is actually easy and time saving process.

The advent of ICT technology has made everything relating to immigration visa filing, application status and tracking so easy. And with Canada designing online Express Entry in 2015, the bar of visa applications has further been raised.

The process of going completely online for Express Entry has also minimize the burden of seeing the application status too. Presently, the candidates applying through online system are able to confirm their Canada Immigration application status online as well.

The Canadian government has opened the simple and easy way to track the status of online application.

How Can You Track Your Visa Application Status?

  1. The first step to take is to log on into your online account
  2. Click on ‘Submitted Application or profile
  3. After that, you now have to click ‘check status and messages’ where you can view the messages or status obtained from IRCC.

Before now, when candidates were offline but wanted to view their application status, it was always recommended to open an online account based on your application and then connect the application to your account. Hence, this visa program might not work with all the visa categories.

So, the above-listed steps are to give you an idea of how to track your visa application status. Each visa program has its own way of tracking the visa application.

But, if you have applied for Canadian PR under trusted and accredited visa and immigration agency then you do not really have to bother about tracking your visa application and status, as the experienced visa experts will carry out all the services on your behalf.