How Long Backlogged CSIS Security Background Checking Takes

CSIS has one of the best standards of integrity in CSIS Security background checking through necessity. CSIS performs these Background Checking for its own personnel and for other government departments needing very high levels of security.

Charles’ checking has been in-process for just over three months. ATIP/GCMS proves everything’s done and passed with the sole exception of the CSIS security background checking element, which is after 90+ days, either queued or in-process for such. Charles may want to know how large the backlog is at CSIS at this stage, and how many months it takes to vet a PR & tax-payer

While IRCC may have made changes in procedures and staff to control the influx, we hope all of the services they are dependent upon had applied the same. It is possible that the countries CSIS gets information from would be overburdened too while these requests are of less priority to the other countries.

IRCC has planned extra funding for more resources to cope with the influx after October 11th 2017 was clear it’s only 3 months’ worth, a steep fall-off in AORs & IPs from the 2nd half of February onwards.

Judging from recently received ATIP/GCMS notes, it looks like RCMP & CRA & CBSA have done sterling jobs in offering timely all-clear data to IRCC, whereas CSIS is now 3+ months.

Speculations infer that CSIS is currently swamped with having to urgently vet the hundreds if refugee claimants daily crossing irregularly into Canada from the U.S.

I think that IRCC is stuck waiting for CSIS reports on citizenship applicants, and that is the reason so many seem to be stalling-out now.