How Long Must I Stay In Canada To Become A Citizen?

How Long Must I Stay In Canada To Become A Citizen? There are just only few countries in the world today that offers citizenship status, of which attract thousands of immigration prospects across the world.

In recent years, the whole immigration system has changed and countries, which used to be the safe haven for immigrants, have suddenly become unfriendly towards immigrants for their own reasons.

But, a few countries in the world are still accepting highly talented skilled immigrants from overseas countries and Canada is undoubtedly one among such countries.

Canada is a wonderful country to obtain citizenship and settle on a permanent basis. Its friendly and multicultural society, democratic values, high quality of living, free or subsidized quality education and healthcare facilities, infrastructure and so on attract most immigrants to come here and settle with the family.

But what is the right way to obtain Citizenship in Canada?

Just so you know, as a foreign skilled worker, you cannot automatically apply for Canada Immigration and citizenship. You first have to file in for Canadian PR Visa.

The Canada PR status is as good as citizenship. It lets you to live, work or study anywhere in Canada on a permanent basis.

The PR status in Canada allows you enjoy most of the privileges similar to a citizen. It however exclude rights to voting and running for election office or right to apply for some defense jobs. After residing in Canada for good number of time on PR status, you can file in for citizenship in Canada.

How long it takes to become a citizen of Canada after getting PR Status?

As earlier mentioned, the Canadian PR offers you most of the rights and privileges of a Canadian Citizen, but, if you wish to become a Canadian citizen and not a permanent resident, you can file in for the same after due course of time.

As regarding the Citizenship Act with Bill C-6 Amendments in fall 2017, you have to be physically present in Canada for 3 out of 5 years before applying for citizenship.

It means, if you have spent Three out of last Five years in Canada on PR status before  you can apply for the Canadian Citizenship.

Key Requirements for Canadian Citizenship

When you apply for citizenship in Canada, your candidature will be accessed based on the various criteria. Here are some key criteria that will be considered:

  • Your PR status
  • Period you have resided in Canada
  • Excellent Income tax filing record
  • Suitable Language skills (in English or French) required to be a Canadian citizen
  • Your knowledge of Canada – a Written Test or interview is often taken for the same.
  • Prohibitions- no criminal record foun, etc.

That’s everything you need to know on how long it will take for you to obtain the citizenship in Canada. In fact, Canadian citizenship is a long process that you must to go through to ultimately get Canadian citizenship.