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How Many Times Can We Reschedule US Visa Appointment?

Does your visa appointment date clash with your schedule or an important event? Hey! That’s not the end. You can make a new arrangement with the US embassy or consulate. Read on to discover how often we can reschedule a US visa appointment.

It is allowable to reschedule your interview for a US visa two to six times after your initial appointment, depending on the US diplomatic mission in your country.

If you missed your visa interview or were late on arrival, you can’t reschedule your appointment, as the system does not support such requests. Therefore, you must book another appointment after 24 hours of missing the previous one.

What Happens If I Reschedule My US Visa Appointment?

When you reschedule your interview for a US visa only once, you may not have to pay another visa fee. But if you change the date of your visa appointment multiple times, you must pay an MRV fee, which is non-refundable.

Moreover, rescheduling your US visa appointment will delay its processing, meaning you won’t get your visa as quickly as you should.

Do I Have To Pay Again To Reschedule US Visa Appointment?

You will only have to pay another application fee if you’ve rescheduled your visa appointment more than the times allotted by the US embassy or consulate in your country.

The fee ranges from $160 to $265, depending on your purpose of visit to the United States.

How Do I Reschedule My US Visa Appointment In Nigeria?

As a Nigerian, you can book a new date for your visa appointment by reaching out to the United States embassy in Abuja or the US consulate in Lagos, Nigeria.

To know how many times we can reschedule a US visa appointment in Nigeria, either call +234 1 227 8955 or email [email protected].

Contrary to this, you can visit the diplomatic mission in person if you have the time.

How Can I Get a US Visa Appointment Early?

If you wish to fast-track your US visa appointment, you must fill out the Expedited Request Form. You can also contact a Visa Application Center for support.

While filling out the form, indicate how quickly you want your visa interview.

Is It Possible To Change DS 160 After Scheduling Appointment?

You can correct your DS-160 confirmation number even after booking a visa interview. However, it is allowable only until two working days before your visa interview.

To modify the number, sign in to your profile and click on Update Profile.

Based on the policy of the Visa Application Centre in your country, you may have the chance to choose your preferred date for your visa interview. So, you should contact the US embassy or consulate in your country to check for the availability of such a service.

To reschedule your appointment for a visa to the United States, contact the US diplomatic mission in your country. Also, be ready to justify good reasons for your request. Remember to provide your application number and recommend the most appropriate time to attend the interview.

With this guide, you won’t find it challenging to change your interview date.

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