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How Much Gold Can I Bring From Dubai To India On A Tourist Visa?

Whether you’re male or female, you can buy gold jewelry and products while returning to India from Dubai, UAE. However, there is a limitation in form of a duty-free allowance. It disallows you from bringing gold as much as you’d like, and you must comply with the rules. In light of this, we’ll answer, “How much gold can I bring from Dubai to India on a tourist visa”?

The maximum amount of gold you can bring to India from Dubai varies depending on your gender.

If you’re a male tourist with a valid visa, you can pack up to 20 grams or a maximum of Rs. 50,000 worth of gold in your baggage. Note that you won’t need to pay customs duty. Meanwhile, you can carry up to 40 grams of gold (valued at Rs. 100,000 max) if you are a female tourist visa holder.

Note that gold jewelry and items can only be brought from Dubai if you have been outside India for a year or more.

Can I Buy Gold from Dubai on a Visit Visa?

Yes, you can purchase gold from gold stores and jewelry shops in Dubai while in the UAE on a valid tourist visa. However, not any quantity of gold is allowable and you must adhere to the duty-free allowance.

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Is Gold Cheaper in Dubai Than India?

Yes, gold sells at lower prices in Dubai compared to India. They are up to 15% cheaper due to the low tax and customs duty charged. Gold is also affordable in India but not as it is in Dubai.

Can I Bring 24k Gold to India from Dubai?

Yes, you can carry up to 24 karats of gold and even more than when traveling from Dubai, UAE, to India. Since 24 karats is equivalent to 4.8 grams of gold, you can bring an additional 4x or 8x grams, depending on whether you are male or female.

Is It Beneficial To Buy Gold from Dubai to India?

Yes, it is better and cheaper to buy gold from Dubai than in India. They are notable for their purity and quality, making them worth your investment. In fact, most Indians would rather travel to Dubai to buy gold during festivals and cultural events.

What is the Cost of 1 KG Gold in Dubai in Indian Rupees?

1KG gold price in Dubai today is AED 226,535.47, which is equivalent to 5,129,213.06 Indian Rupees. The cost is affordable compared to many countries in Asia and the Americas.

If you haven’t stayed up to one year in Dubai and want to bring gold to India, you must pay a customs duty, whose rate varies. That means you don’t qualify for the duty-free allowance.

Supposing your arrival to Dubai has been less than six months, a customs duty of 38.5% is payable so that you can bring up to 1 KG of gold. You also cannot benefit from the allowance if you traveled to India within the last six months to one year. Nevertheless, you must pay a customs duty of 13.75% to the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC).

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