How To Apply For Canadian Global Talent Stream

Rules and regulation is what govern a people. Any country that wishes to prosper economically needs to have proper rules and laws in place. Rules and regulations helps the country move ahead. The Canadian Global Talent Stream is one such initiate designed by the Canadian government to enable companies gain access to incredible skill workers without having to go through too many stress.

What Is The Global Talent Stream?

This is a Canadian work stream that enables employees from across the globe to attain a work permit within the period of two weeks, so that they can join the respective company with immediate effect and contribute to the success of the institution. Work permits are generally not granted so swiftly so this definitely comes as a boon to companies.

Who Can Apply For This And How Much Does It Cost?

Every company cannot expect that their overseas employees will get this work permit within two weeks. This initiative is designed with the intention of serving high end companies that require specific high end personnel from overseas to function and grow. This is indeed a very useful service. However, it always comes at a fair price per position. So it is only when its completely necessary that companies opt to do this.

General Criteria For The Global Talent Stream:

Foreign Workers will be qualified for priority processing by IRCC with a target of two-week processing – a service standard to be met by IRCC 80% of the time – if the foreign national meets the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have submitted their work permit by e-application on June 12, 2017, or later
  • Applicants must be applying outside of Canada; and,
  • Has been identified within ESDC’s Global Talent Stream.

Please note: Once the foreign worker applies to IRCC, the two week standard for work permit processing begins. Therefore, workers that have received a positive LMIA are expected to apply in a timely manner.

Specific Requirements Includes:

Applicants must meet the following in other to successfully apply for the two-week work permit processing:

  1. Applicant must submit a complete application
  2. Self-identify for Global Talent Stream in the Come to Canada Wizard during the application process.
  3. Applicants whose Diploma and Marriage certificate (if married) is not in English are required to translate legally to English before submission
  4. Applicants are required to submit medical exams upfront (where required by the Act and Regulations).
  5. Applicant must get Employer Reference Letter online. Template.
  6. At the time of e-application, applicants are required to submit biometric fee at the time (where required by the Regulations)
  7. Must obtain biometrics prior to the two weeks elapsing from time of application
  8. The foreign worker will not need to additionally apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), it will automatically be issued as part of the application process where applicable.
  9. The foreign worker will need a visa (where required by the Regulations), the visa will be issued as part of the work permit process.

Applicants must meet the above criteria to enable IRCC officers to finalize the application decision within the period of two weeks.

Foreign nationals who are qualified for priority processing of applications for work permits, and the related applications for temporary resident visas as well as electronic travel authorizations are all subject to all other statutory eligibility and admissibility requirements which include, police certificates if required by the visa specific instructions of their region.  If insufficient information is provided (incomplete application) to satisfy those requirements and additional documents are requested from the applicant, 2-week processing will no longer apply.

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