How to Apply for International Experience Canada

Details has been released to assist candidates who wish to apply for International Experience Canada 2021. International Experience Canada expedition assist youths to travel to or secure a job in Canada from their country of origin. To be eligible for the International Experience Canada (IEC) Program, foreign nationals require an invitation for to apply for a work permit in order to enter the pool.

Eligibility For International Experience Canada 2019

To be eligible for the International Experience Canada application,

  • Your home country must be in agreement with the Canada to apply for IEC work permit.
  • Use a recognized Organization

There are different categories to choose from if you are applying for the International Experience Canada which includes. The Government of Canada has set specific rules for different countries. Processing times vary depending on the type of application, method of shipping used for document delivery. Processing time for club applications are generally longer.

International Experience Canada Categories

1. Working Holiday

You can only choose this if you have not secured any job, you wish to work in different locations and with more than one employer and and you wish to earn money to travel. the type of work permit granted for this is an Open Work Permit.

2. Young Professional

You can only chose from this if you already have a job in Canada and you will work in same location with only one employer. The type of work permit granted for this is an employer specific work permit

2. International Co-Op Internship

For 2019 applications, you can choose from this category only if you are a post-secondary school registered student,  if you have a job offer or internship in the country, if you need to do your internship in Canada and you will not work for another employer.

How To Apply To The International Experience Canada

  • first apply online
  • Set your required documents which includes the medical exam result, financial support proof, police certificates, resume, passports, digital photo, family information, electronic authorization, proof to show that your job is linked to your field of study etc.
  • Pay your fees of CAN$150.
  • Submit your application

You can also see the waiting period for OHIP and the self employee.