How to Apply for Canada Study Permit in Abu Dhabi

To apply for a Canada study permit in Abu Dhabi, you must first understand certain factors involved. First, for the record, Canada has top universities that compete with world-class universities.

So, studying in Canada offers you the rare opportunity of receiving the best education. With education, you stand a chance to excel in your career.

You will need to read on to know more about how you can apply for your Canada study permit in Abu Dhabi.

About the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arabs Emirates (UAE) is a country in western Asia, with Oman and Saudi Arabia on the west and south borders. It also shares borders with Qatar to the east and Iran to the north. The country officially speaks Arabic, and its major religion is Islam.

The country also has the seventh-largest oil reserves and natural gas globally. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two major cities attracting foreigners (for business) and tourists. In addition, the country is among the safest countries in the world.

What is a Canada study permit?

With a Canada study permit, you can choose to study any program at a designated learning institute (DLI) in Canada. This country has several designated learning institutes, so you may need clarification about which one to apply.

What is more important is to have your program of study in mind and seek an institution that offers what you want.

Besides, a study permit is a document you can use to apply for a Canada student visa from Abu Dhabi. Thus, you can apply for it before your move to Canada for your studies. However, in some cases, you can apply for it in Canada at the port of entry (border).

Also worthy of note is that if you have a criminal past, have been linked to organized crime or terrorist activities, or have been involved in a significantly violent crime, it may pose a threat to your entering Canada.

All about applying for Canadian Study Permit from Abu Dhabi

Your student visa is your study permit in Canada, and you must have the correct study permit for your international studies before leaving for Canada. It is generally easier to apply for your student visa online because processing is faster.

So, if you want to apply for a Canadian study permit in Abu Dhabi, you must request it online. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) will process the visa at your request. However, before commencing the processing, you must check if your documents are complete. You will also have access to a biometric machine that captures your face and fingerprint.

The Canada student visa application fee, is about CAD160, without biometric charges. After applying, you will receive an introductory letter with a temporary visa or an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), which will be in force for your study period.

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What documents do you need to apply for your Canada Student Visa in Abu Dhabi?

Also known as the eligibility checklist, you need to provide the following documents to enable you to apply for your Canada study permit in Abu or anywhere in the UAE:

  • Proof of identity: This includes an applicable passport or travel document. Since you will be applying online, you may upload the information page of the document, and when your application is approved, you can send the original document
  • Proof of acceptance
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs: At the back of each of them must be indicated your name and date of birth
  • Proof of financial support: This is evidence that you can sustain yourself and any family member while in Canada. Included on the list will be any of the following:
  • proof of money in a Canadian bank account in your name
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) issued by a Canadian financial institution
  • proof of education loan from a bank
  • proof of payment of your housing and tuition in Canada
  • a letter from a person or an institution that is making donations for you
  • proof of education loan from a bank
  • in case you received a scholarship, proof of funding from the education institution in Canada

What is the Document checklist for your Canada Student Visa in Abu Dhabi?

Here is a list of the documents you need for your Canada student visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Study Permit and visa
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Certificates of extracurricular achievements
  • An acceptance letter from your educational institution
  • English Proficiency
  • Attested copies of 10th, 12th, and Degree certificates
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Proof of payment
  • Academic references – 2
  • Employer references – 2

Additionally, your university will make you aware of additional requirements, if any

before your application.

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What steps are involved in applying for your Canada Student Visa in Abu Dhabi?

Below are the steps to enable you to apply for your Canada student visa:

  1. Search for the university or college of your choice as well as the program of study you wish for
  2. Apply for admission in that course using their online application portal. Apply for scholarships too
  3. Receive your admission letter
  4. Assemble the essential documents for your Canada study permit
  5. Check if the documents with you are in tandem with the requirements for the student visa
  6. Apply for your study permit at least three months before the commencement of your learning
  7. Track the processing of your study permit through your email. Once it is ready, you will receive a notification through the same email. That is why you must apply with only your valid email
  8. Check with your Case officer for any further information
  9. Put your things together to relocate to Canada.
  10. The documents will permit you to travel to a Canadian port of entry to obtain your study permit. Note that your Canada study permit will not be mailed to you. This means you can only pick it up when you reach the Canadian border and speak to a border official. However, if you already reside in Canada and your application is official, then you will receive your study permit via mail. Always meet the condition for your study as an international student.

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What happens next after You have Processed Your Canada Student Visa Application?

You will need to contact your case officer to check your status online once you complete your student visa application process. If you have applied for your eTA, you will be notified through email, which could be around 1 to 3 days after processing. After that, you can use your eTA for five years before it can expire.

This means that it can cover the period of your study in Canada. In addition, since you will need to provide your passport’s information during your eTA application, your eTA will be linked with your passport. Hence, each time you are to board a flight, you will need to show your passport to the airline office.

The application will be cross-checked if you have applied for your study or work visa to ensure it is complete. Then, after paying your biometrics fee, you will receive a letter on how to go about the biometrics.

Further, the government of Canada will run a background check on you to ensure your health status and criminal record. After this point, they will decide if you can study and work in Canada. This is why you must provide the right information.

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What is the Processing Time for Your Student Visa?

Your permission into Canada from Abu Dhabi has start and end dates. Thus, you shall not be allowed into the country before the start date. Besides, in case you encounter any difficulty in the process, these may be some of the reasons:

  • Non-Payment of Fees: Whether you paid the wrong amount or omitted it, it may halt your application. For that reason, you must check the right fee for what you are paying before making your payment.
  • Wrongly completed paperwork: If your application has so many errors or omissions, the case officer will request that you fix them before they can continue with the process. So, ensure to do the paperwork appropriately.

How do you renew your Canada Study Permit?

Your study permit will be handed to you once you get to Canada. To renew the officer will decide on that, but you must submit your application before your approved stay is terminated. Once you apply for the renewal of your study permit, you may remain in Canada and continue your study. You will stay based on the condition of the expired study permit until you receive the new one.

Do I have any chance of Immigrating Permanently to Canada after my Studies?

Yes, you can immigrate permanently to Canada after your studies. Since you studied in Canada, you have a great chance of applying for your permanent residency. That way, you would not need to return to your home country after graduation.

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Knowing how to apply for your Canada study permit in Abu Dhabi is part of the requirement for your study abroad in Canada. Ensure to follow the right step and fill out your forms correctly while submitting the right documents.

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