How to Apply to Lambton College, Toronto, Canada

This article explores how to apply to Lambton College, Toronto, Canada for international students from different countries.

Established in 1969, Lambton College is a public post-secondary institution with its main campus located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Also, Lambton College has another campus located in Mississauga.

Besides, there are about 6,500 part-time students, 3,500 full-time students, as well as 3,500 international students studying at Lambton College.

Additionally, international students at Lambton College are allowed to study at their campuses in Sarnia and Mississauga.

Program types available to students at Lambton College

If you’re an aspiring student of Lambton College, you can apply for your preferred program type from the following list;

  1. Accelerated
  2. Advanced Diploma
  3. Apprenticeship
  4. Award of Recognition
  5. Board of Governors Certificate
  6. Certificate
  7. Co-op
  8. Degree
  9. Diploma
  10. Graduate Studies
  11. Preparatory
  12. Second Career

Lambton College Toronto programs

The programs offered at Lambton College cover several areas of interest such as Business, Community Services, Corporate Training, Creative Design, Fire Sciences, Health Sciences, Information Technology (IT), International Education, Online Education, as well as Technology & Trades.

Furthermore, Lambton College makes provision for a wide range of programs, which includes;

  1. Advanced Health Care Leadership
  2. Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  4. Business Management – Human Resources
  5. Advanced Project Management – Information Technology
  6. Business Management
  7. Business
  8. Chemical Laboratory Analysis
  9. Cloud Computing for Big Data
  10. Computer Programmer
  11. Computer Software & Database Development
  12. Construction Project Management
  13. English as a Second Language
  14. Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  15. Food Safety & Quality Assurance Management
  16. Marketing Management – Digital Media
  17. Marketing Management – Professional Sales
  18. Mobile Application Design & Development
  19. Occupational Health & Safety Management
  20. Quality Engineering Management
  21. Supply Chain Management

How to apply to Lambton College, Toronto, Canada

Lambton College provides different application methods to international applicants. This includes;

  1. Applying through an educational agent
  2. Applying by yourself

Applying through an educational agent to Lambton College, Toronto

Applying through an agent is easier for international students who intend to study at Lambton College due to the accessibility of in-person guidance by the agents.

In addition, the College has numerous educational agents who are willing to assist international students in their applications.

Moreover, these educational agents are available in many foreign countries, including Brazil, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc.

Thus, you can visit Lambton College’s website for advice on these educational agents, as well as to access their contact information such as phone number, email, company’s website, etc.

Applying by yourself to Lambton College, Toronto, Canada

As an international applicant, you’re required to comply with the following Lambton College application process to ensure that you are assessed for admission.

  1. Make payment for Lambton College application fee

Firstly, you need to pay a non-refundable & non-transferable application fee of “150 Canadian Dollars”. Hence, you are allowed to charge the payment via a Visa card or MasterCard.

  1. Fill out and upload the online application form

During the application process, you’ll be required to provide soft copies of the following documents.

  • Scanned copy of your high school/university transcripts, diplomas, and degrees
  • Results of an English language proficiency test (International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):

If you’re an international applicant from India, note that you’re only allowed to submit a test result of IELTS.

Moreover, IELTS or TOEFL test results are accepted by other international students, depending on the program being applied for.

  1. Receipt of an offer letter

If you are considered for admission, you’ll receive an offer letter from Lambton College

  1. Initiate tuition fees paid to the College

Entering international students of Lambton College are strictly advised to pay in advance for the estimated tuition fees for their first year.

Doing this has a significant impact on your application for a Canadian study permit.

However, you can always trust any online payment made to Lambton College as they’re in collaboration with Flywire and Western Union Business Solutions.

Besides, these online payment systems are renowned for their swift, easy, and reasonable mode of payment in your current country’s currency.

  1. Apply for a Canadian study permit

If you wish to ensure a facilitated and swift application process of your Canadian study permit, submit a copy of your admission offer letter and tuition fee payment receipt, along with other supporting documents to the immigration office.

  1. Prepare to depart your present country for Canada

After successful application of your Canadian study permit, you can start preparing to depart from your current country to Canada.

Moreover, you need to print your;

  • Port of Entry (POE) Support Letter
  • Canadian Federal Government 3-day hotel confirmation
  • Official Quarantine Confirmation Document (OQCD)
  • Result of a PCR Test for COVID-19
  • Canada ArriveCAN Receipt
  • Receipts of all payments made, including tuition fees

Before leaving your present country, you need to ensure that the following are put in place

  1. Partake in a pre-arrival orientation course

New international intakes of Lambton College Toronto need to undergo 3 Modules (Module 1, Module 3, And Module 3) before registering at Lambton College.

However, you will be issued a completion certificate at the end of the pre-arrival orientation course. Also, ensure to keep a copy of the completion certificate

  1. Make preparations for self-isolation as COVID-19 prevention protocols

Due to COVID-19 major impacts in various regions of the world, the Government of Canada has made it very necessary for all international students to undergo self-isolation in Canada for a period of fourteen (14) days.

Thus, the 14 days self-isolation is estimated as follows;

  1. Purchase Quarantine Package for international students

Before you can purchase Lambton College Quarantine Package, you’re mandated to have undergone the pre-arrival orientation course and online registration.

As an international student, you can purchase the package for a subsidized rate of 900 Canadian Dollars.

Before the subsidization, the Quarantine Package was availed at 1,500 Canadian Dollars.

However, here are the benefits to be enjoyed from Lambton College Quarantine Package.

  • Pick-up and drop off by the staff of Lambton College Toronto
  • Hotel accommodation for the remaining 11 days of the COVID-19 self-isolation period
  • Individual room occupancy, free access to a wireless network, optimal room tidiness, and guaranteed disinfection
  • Delivery of all meals to your room. The meals are ensured to meet regulated daily food allowance
  • Arrangement and facilitation of a COVID-19 test (highly required)
  • Port of Entry support letter for each international student
  • WeCare welcome bag
  • Transportation to your residence after the COVID-19 quarantine period
  1. Book a 3-day stay at Canadian Federal Government Quarantine Hotel, and send the hotel confirmation via email to [email protected]

As of 22nd of February, 2021, the Government of Canada mandates all international students to;

  • Partake in a PCR Test for COVID-19 is not further than 72 hours prior to the flight schedule to Canada
  • Book and make payments for a 3-day federal government quarantine hotel at about 49 hours before departing the current country
  • Makes use of Canada ArriveCan to upload evidence of advance accommodations payment within 48 hours of leaving your home country
  • Partake in a PCR Test for COVID-19 on arrival to Canada
  • Partake in a PCR Test for COVID-19 after the 2 weeks quarantine period.

However, after spending 3 days at the quarantine hotel, the staff of Lambton College Toronto will come to pick you and the other students from the hotel to one of the College hotels. Hence, your remaining quarantine days will be spent there.

FAQs about how to apply to Lambton College, Toronto, Canada

Q. What is the Lambton College admission application fee?

Ans – Admission applicants of the College are mandated to pay an application fee of 150 Canadian Dollars, which is non-refundable and non-transferable

Q. At what time does Lambton College accept applications from international students?

Ans – Lambton College accepts applications from international applicants on three (3) different periods such as in;

  • Fall (September)
  • Winter (January)
  • Summer (May)

Q. What applicants does Lambton College reject their applications?

Ans – the school rejects applications of international applicants who have been approved for admission at a public high school/post-secondary institution in Ontario.

Besides, transfer students from a high school/post-secondary institution in Ontario, are not accepted at Lambton College Toronto.