How to Become a Cop in Canada in 5 Steps

Knowing How to Become a Cop In Canada is your first assignment to achieve your dream of becoming a Cop man or a police officer in Canada. 

Therefore, If you love serving the community and promoting public safety, certainly, police work is a good career for you, especially in Canada where police officers are well respected, highly regarded, and well paid. 

Moreover, Cops or Police officers work with the public to prevent crime, promote order, and arrest lawbreakers. Police officers are public servants employed by the municipal, provincial, and federal government.

So, In this article, you will get to know who is a police officer, what he does, the steps you can follow to become a Police Officer in Canada, and the essential skills you need to become a Police Officer or a Cop in Canada.

Who is a Cop in Canada?

Generally, a Cop or a Police Officer is a law enforcement professional who is employed by the government and charged with the responsibilities of protecting and promoting public safety. They play a crucial part in maintaining law and order, attending to emergency situations, and conducting investigations.

Responsibilities of a Police officer in Canada

For a proper understanding of how to become a Cop in Canada, you need to know the duties of a Cop man first. Hence a Cop in Canada has many responsibilities which are in different categories and functions under each category. But the primary duties and responsibilities of a police officer in Canada are:

#1. Crime prevention

One of the primary works of a Police Officer in Canada is Crime prevention. This means ensuring public safety, maintaining order, and enforcing laws and regulations. Moreover, the specific functions of a Cop under crime prevention in Canada include:

  • Watching over businesses, private homes, and public places
  • Crowd control to ensure peaceful protests and special events
  • Enforcing set speed limits on public roads
  • Taking part in information sessions about crime and public safety with community representatives and the business community
  • Organizing community programs to make the area safer and fight crime at the local level
  • Forging partnerships with local institutions and organizations
  • Patrolling areas on foot, bike, or car

#2. Emergency response

Sometimes in society, emergencies occur and the Police officers are the first responders in emergency situations. Such emergencies could be accident scenes and natural disasters. Under this emergency response of a Police Officer in Canada, the specific functions of police officers are:

  • Receiving and acting on emergency calls
  • Helping victims of emergencies
  • Arresting suspects for interrogation
  • Directing human and vehicular traffic at emergency scenes
  • Administering first aid to casualties of emergencies.

#3. Engaged in specialized operations

If you are a specialized police officer, you are going to be involved in situations demanding specialized skills. Some of the specialized operations that police officers might engage in include:

  • rescuing hostages
  • conducting rescue
  • recovery operations
  • detonating explosives safely.

#4. Investigations and judicial processes

During investigations, police officers undertake investigations in response to reports from the public and on their motions. The process of these Investigations leads to the arrest and arraignment of suspects, presenting evidence, and witnesses before courts of law.

#5. Surveillance

When surveying a case, a police officer conducts undercover operations to gather evidence using various techniques. They do this by monitoring the activities of individuals or gangs, taking photos, and recording what they observe.

Reasons why Cop is a good career in Canada

Cop work in Canada is a very good career and it has attractive pay for any person who happens to become a Police Officer in Canada.

The average salary of a police officer in Canada is $68,920 per year. Moreover, their salaries differ across police agencies and cities. For Example, police officers in some areas like Vancouver earn significantly more.

Moreover, this career is in the list of Canadian NOC which also places this career in job demand. Above this, the work of a Police officer in Canada is well respected and highly regarded. With the reputation you will have as a police officer, you won’t even think twice about convincing yourself to become a police officer in Canada so long as you are eligible.

Best 5 steps to become a Police Officer in Canada

There are certain steps you must go through to become a Cop man or woman in Canada. These steps are:

#1. Get an education

The first and a must thing to do is to obtain your educational certificate. You need a minimum of secondary school education to become a police officer in Canada. Moreover, a degree in policing or criminology is an added advantage and gives you a head start in the application process. On the other hand, graduate police officers are also likely to receive promotions and higher responsibilities faster than non-graduates.

#2. Fulfill minimum requirements

Before you become a police officer in Canada, you must meet a set of minimum requirements. Most police agencies require prospective police officers to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Meet the vision and hearing standards
  • Be 19 years or older
  • Have excellent character
  • Be proficient in English and/or French
  • Have no pending criminal charges or previous convictions
  • Be in excellent physical and mental health.

Moreover, these requirements may vary from one law enforcement agency to another. While some police agencies require candidates to have a valid driver’s license and know first aid administration, some agencies don’t. Therefore, check with your preferred police agency for a more precise list of requirements and provincial or territorial guidelines.

#3. Apply to become a police officer

Now, after meeting the minimum requirements, you can start your application. The process is strict, this is to ensure they recruit the most suitable candidates. During this stage, candidates undergo several tests. You need to complete and pass all the tests to be considered for the next stage of police training. The collection of tests includes a:

  • Written exam
  • Physical exam
  • Psychological exam
  • Medical exam
  • Polygraph exam
  • Background investigation

After passing the tests, you also need to prepare for interviews and other assessments to stand out among other candidates. Acceptance into the police service is competitive, especially in highly populated areas of the country. Passing all the assessments also earns you a conditional offer of employment and entry into the cadet training school. So bearing this in mind, you need good preparation to scale through the exams successfully.

#4. Complete cadet training

Once you’ve passed all the exams, you’re now ready to undergo cadet training. The training period varies across law enforcement agencies. For instance, the Calgary Police Service training runs for three to six months, while the Vancouver Police Department training takes 44 weeks to complete. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police cadet training takes 26 weeks to complete. Cadet training involves classroom lessons and field training. Some programs covered include:

  • Police sciences
  • Firearms handling
  • Defensive tactics
  • Operational conditioning
  • Drill and deportment

At the end of the training, trainees need to enhance their personal and professional conduct and skills for effective policing.

#5. Gain experience

After completing cadet training, candidates are now for deployment into the community for services. Though, recent graduates work under the guidance of experienced police officers and handle less complex duties. They often require additional training to prepare police officers to handle emerging issues such as terrorism and cybercrime.

Necessary skills for a Cop in Canada

For you to be a successful police officer in Canada, you need to learn certain skills which of them are:

#1. Interpersonal skills

For the fact that police work involves interaction with people around, you need to learn how best to interact and foster good relationships inside and outside the police rank. Good working relationships with other police officers enable effective coordination, which is indispensable in policing. Besides, in the community, police officers need to cooperate with community members to prevent and deal with crime and threats to peace.

#2. Ability to remain calm

Calmness is needful for Police officers who often deal with stressful situations, such as aggression from individuals or hostile crowds. Police officers need to exercise self-control to enable them to defuse situations calmly. Self-control is also important when an officer is armed as they have to determine when to deploy their weapon.

#3. Neutrality

Without bias, Police officers need to handle people from diverse backgrounds with fairness. They must remain neutral when dealing with strangers, friends, family, and everyone else. Police officers must remain objective and keep their emotions under control to apply the law equally and resolve conflicts accordingly.

#4. Communication skills

Police officers need to have excellent communication skills to enable them to communicate clearly and firmly with the community and their colleagues. They need to have good listening skills to capture every detail passed to them by suspects and victims of crime. Communication skills include the ability to be persuasive and decipher non-verbal cues such as body language and tone of voice.

#5. Physical endurance

The work of a Police Officer calls for endurance. This is because Police officers spend long hours on their feet walking, patrolling, and directing traffic. They may also need to chase suspects, restrain resisting suspects, and escort them to a holding facility. They need to be fit to endure the physical demands of the job.

#6. Problem-solving skills

Police officers face many challenging situations, some of which require quick decision-making and excellent problem-solving skills. They need the ability to solve the problems brought to them by the community quickly and lawfully. Conducting investigations requires a police officer to connect different lines of inquiry to have a logical sequence of events.

#7. Attention to detail

Police officers need to be aware of what is going on around the community. Small signs and details that might seem insignificant could be the tip of something big that could disturb the peace and public safety. Attention to detail is also important in successfully prosecuting criminals in courts of law as conviction or acquittal may hinge on fine details.

#8. Decision-making skills

In the case of an emergency, decisions can be made quickly. So Police officers who face many complex situations in their day-to-day work that require them to decide quickly need such skills to better situations. Police decisions are critical in maintaining public calm, and making wrong decisions may worsen a volatile situation. The ability to make good decisions under pressure is an important skill for police officers at all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the average salary of a Police officer in Canada?

The average salary of a police officer in Canada is $68,920 per year. 

How Long Does It Take To Become a Police Officer?

Generally, you can spend 6 months on your application process because the process of becoming a police officer in Canada requires a significant investment of your time. 

What are the requirements to be a police officer in Canada?

Completion of a college program or university degree in law and security or the social sciences is usually required. A three- to six-month police training program is provided. Physical agility, strength, fitness, and vision requirements must be met, and psychological or other tests may also be required.

Can I join the police in Canada?

Of course yes if you meet the eligibility. Because to become a police officer in Canada, you need to meet a set of minimum requirements. Most police agencies require prospective police officers to meet the following requirements: Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Be 19 years or older etc.

Can a woman be a Cop in Canada?

Yes, a woman can be a police officer in Canada.


You have now seen that How to Become a Cop In Canada is not hard the way you think. So, you can now proceed to apply to be a Cop in Canada by following the steps we have provided for you. Also, feel free to contact us at if need be. You want to join the Canadian Military instead, check out our guide on how to join the Military in Canada.