How To Become A Doctor In Canada

If you desire a lucrative, high-paying and secured career, then becoming a Doctor In Canada is a fantastic option. As if saving lives and helping others is not enough, Canadian doctors earn $339,000 per annum on average. How To Become A Doctor In Canada is a lengthy and a rigorous process which takes place in four major steps. See information below on how it works from beginning to end.

Obtain Your University Degree

Before you can even go to medical school in Canada, first thing first is to obtain a degree from an accredited university. This must be a bachelor’s degree, at the very least, and most medical schools especially in Canada will prefer that your degree have a basis in science. Often times, BS degrees are not always required, they benefit you by providing you with a basic understanding of concepts like biology and chemistry, making medical theories easier to understand. All medical schools will have a list of prerequisite courses, most of which are in science, you must ensure that you take these during your time at university.

Go to Medical School

There are 17 medical schools in Canada from which you can make your choice, but most will require that you are a resident of the same province in order to attend or be admitted. It is advisable to contact the school of your choice to obtain its specific requirements for admission, as well. You will be required by most medical schools across the country to sit for and pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), so this is an important step. It is much easier unlike before to apply for medical schools in Canada thanks to standardized online application systems.

You must beware that only a quarter of the students who apply to Canadian medical schools are accepted, so ensure you have an outstanding credentials and a high university GPA which will work in your favor. As you may be aware, medical school lasts four years; the first two take place in more of a classroom and lab environment, and the last two incorporate clinical, where you work with patients under the supervision of a senior licensed physician.

Take and Pass Your Licensing Exam

After your four year medical school training has been completed, you need to pass a licensing examination to prove your knowledge and competency before you can work as a physician in Canada. The MCCEE, or Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination is by and large the most difficult exam most students will ever take. It is strongly advisable that you begin preparing and studying early, and for the best possible retention, utilize several study methods such as, group study, quiet reading, note-taking, flash cards, and visit the online question banks which can also  provide you with a well-rounded study experience.

Complete Your Residency

Lastly, after passing the MCCEE examination and becoming a licensed physician, Canada law requires you to complete a residency program before you can work independently. The aim is to give newly-licensed doctors the opportunity to learn from more experienced professionals in a sort of mentoring system and to allow them adapt easily to their new career choices. The residency lasts two years for family doctors, but for specialists, residencies can last as long as six years. However, you could even choose a subspecialty with another two or three years’ residency.

Approximately, it takes10 years of education and residency to become a doctor in Canada, and in that time, you will take one of the most difficult examinations in the world – the MCCEE. With enough dedication, persistence and the zeal to help others for a lifetime, you could be one of Canada’s next favorite physicians.

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