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How to become an Australian Citizen- step by step guide

In this post are step by step guide on how to become an Australian Citizen. Australia is obviously one among the top immigrant-friendly countries, which every year accept thousands upon thousands of immigrant workers. Read on to know how you can obtain citizenship and subsequently, settle in Australia.

To obtain an Australia Citizenship, you first have to acquire the Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia. The PR permits an applicant to live, study or work in any place in Australia. Now, once you have spent sufficient amount of time in Australia as a Permanent Resident, you can file in for Australian Citizenship.

Even though, an immigrant’s PR status is more like a citizenship itself, but, the key difference between Australia permanent residency and citizenship offers you with some added rights and privileges like voting and running for an election office.

Nonetheless, unlike permanent residents, Australia citizens are not prevented from applying in some defence related jobs or migrating outside Australia for countless periods, without any problem with Resident Return Visa (RRV), etc.

How to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency- the first step to be an Australian Citizen

Australia is looking for skilled workers from foreign countries to meet the skill shortage in the country. Thus, each year, the Government of Australia releases the list of high demand occupations and afterwards, invites entries from the people outside Australia, who have the skills and experience to get employed in these high-demand occupations.

You have to choose the relevant occupation matching your profile and accordingly file in for the most appropriate Australia PR visa through the online or offline medium. The General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa category of Australia is widely popular with immigrants. It uses the point system to evaluate the capability of the prospective immigrant to Australia.

A candidate is required to submit online Expression of Interest (EOI) and score a minimum 60 points based on age, educational qualification, work experience, language skills etc. criteria to qualify as an applicant. The higher the points obtained the better, it ensures a candidate receive the ITA (Invitation to apply) to apply for Australia PR Visa. Hence, If your profile is nominated, you will receive ITA. On receipt of ITA, you have to apply for PR visa within the period of 60 days.

Conditions for Australian Citizenship

Once you have obtained PR visa endorsement and approval, you can migrate to Australia. But, to become qualified to file in for Australian Citizenship, you have to show a minimum of four years PR status in Australia immediately before your application for citizenship.

Of recently, Australia has tightened the Citizenship test requirements. According to the latest requirements, an applicant would have to sit for the English proficiency test, along with the regular written test for citizenship with some new questions added. The test will aim at determining the purpose and capability of the applicant to become a citizen of Australia.

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