How To Boost Your Australian PR Chances

How To Boost Your Australian PR Chances.

Nowadays, many people are flocking to Australia for permanent residency which has ultimately lead to a huge competition among the immigrants.

As Australia permit the migration of highly skilled and qualified workers who are better than the best. It is usually said that the Australia Immigration process is the most strenuous process among several other countries.

However, the fact is, Australia permanent residency process is not difficult, but tricky. Almost all Australia PR process particularly the skilled migration visas has more or less the same application process.

You will need to apply via the most famous point-based system. In order to be qualified to apply for Australian PR, you must score at least 60 points.

The Australia Point-based system operates on the basis of age, educational qualification, work experience, adaptability, language proficiency etc.

Hence, along with a high Australia point score, your occupation also have to be listed on the Australia occupational demand list to further strengthen your Australia immigration application process.

What are some key tips which you can use to enhance your Australia PR chances?

  • Age plays a major role in PR process and thus, it is always recommended to take overseas career decision during your academics period because Australia favors young generation to migrate as compared to the old ones.
  • You need to also shift to another career if your occupation is not on the current occupation list. Switching doesn’t mean to entirely change your occupation line, you may also apply for a course and acquire one of the required skills.
  • Upgrade your level of education. But, Australia gives the same points for Bachelor’s as well as Masters. However, if you are able to take a course from Australia, you will get an upper hand and extra points too.
  • Enhance your career to upgrade your relevant work experience. Look for jobs which match your core skills and will give you extra points to be added into overall point score.
  • Develop more on your language as much as you can and try to obtain high score/bands in English language requirement test. Improving your language proficiency will not only give you more points but will also help in getting a better job in Australia as well.

Finally, for a complete support on how to get Australian PR, it is recommended that you take guidance from the accredited and trusted visa immigration agency, who not only will advise you effectively but will also offer suggestions to enhance your Australia PR score.

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