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How to choose the best visa category to move to Australia

Are you planning to move to Australia this year? Do you know the best visa category to move to Australia? If you desire to immigrate to Australia, you must start preparing for it now by choosing the right immigration programs and getting all the required documents.

As immigration to Australia is becoming more challenging in the last few months, adequate and advanced preparation has become a must to deal with the challenges in this regard.

How Immigration Has Become Challenging In The Last Few months

Prior to the Turnbull government of Australia, overseas immigration was not all that difficult some years back, but, it’s now becoming challenging given various reasons. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.

Immigration Rules & Requirements

In the last couple of years, the immigration rules and procedures in most developed countries are becoming more demanding. Countries like USA, UK, Denmark, and even Australia has made their immigration rules and procedures stricter in the last few months. Thus, to deal with the cumbersome visa and immigration rules is not all that easy now, as it has been a few years back.

Rising competition among the applicants

Australia is a major immigration destination across the world. It not only provides the best lifestyle, and infrastructure to new immigrants but also offer high wages to skilled workers applying to work in high demand occupations in the Oz.

Every year, Australia releases a list of high demand occupations, i.e. Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations. The skilled workers from across the world apply for relevant visa categories to work in these occupations.

Moreover, the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) every year received the good number of application from the applicants. Thus, if you are a candidate for the Australian visa, you will need to be the most worthy in all aspects to survive the competition and secure your place.

Choose The Right Visa Category And Prepare For The Same In Advance

Each visa category has been the plan for the particular category of applicants and hence, it needs certain requisites on the part of applicants as well. For example, employer-sponsored visa requires sponsorship from the employer in Australia. Nominated visa requires a nomination from an Australian state or territory, etc.

If you are a skilled worker desiring to get Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia, the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is your best bet. It doesn’t require any employer sponsorship or state nomination. You can submit EOI (Expression of Interest) to apply for this visa via the SkillSelect online system.

What You Know About Subclass 189 Visa

The Australia 189 visa subclass is one the most popular Australia Permanent Residency visa among skilled workers and immigrants across the world. This visa was crafted for those qualified skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, territory or state, or a family member. Subclass Visa 189 is a permanent residency visa gives you and your accompanying family members the full right to live, study and work anywhere in Australia for an indefinite period.

The subclass 189 is based on a point score, skills, and work experience that enable an applicant to apply for visa 189. But, to qualify to apply for this visa, you will first be required to select an occupation from Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) and, if by any chance, your nominated occupation is not listed on the said demand list, then in such a situation, you may pick an occupation which is closely related to your line of work.

Also, you need to lodge Australia EOI through Skills select for validation of your visa. You can apply for EOI outside of Australia or while living in Australia. If the Australian government finds your profile to be suitable enough for their economy, they will grant you an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Australia Permanent Residency.

How To Get Crucial Documentation Assistance To Apply For Subclass 189 Visa

If you need documentation process assistance to apply for Australia’s Subclass 189 visa, you may need to contact highly experienced visa and immigration consultancy firm or agent. Even though there are many immigration consultants service providing immigration and visa services to applicants, there are a few who can still mislead applicants.

Such fake consultants could make you lose the opportunity for a particular visa or immigration program. Hence, you must verify the authenticity of any agency before you patronize them. Ensure that they are duly registered and approved by the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority).

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