How to convert Canada temporary residence visa to permanent stay

If you have moved to or planning to migrate to Canada as a temporary resident, you may explore this opportunity to become a permanent resident. This article discusses how to convert Canada temporary residence visa to permanent stay. To get a Permanent Residency in Canada by moving from a Temporary Worker is what gives most applicants an edge.

The Temporary work permit states the period with which you have to stay in country. This permit has to be accompanied by an evidence which shows that you will leave Canada after the expiration period. But with this permit, you will easily get a permanent residency as your profile now carries details of your work experience in Canada. This permit however is usually needed to process your application.

A Temporary work permit makes you get higher points like for the core/Human Capital factor, you get about 70 points and for the and for the Skills Transferability factor you get about 100 points. These points are alloted by the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System.

An applicant with a work permit and valid years of experience will have an advantage over other applicants as he gains about 370 points and this gives him enough chances of applying and been granted a Permanent residence.

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To get the permanent residency from moving from  temporary worker, the applicant must qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program etc. If the applicant wants to migrate to Quebec, he must qualify for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Requirements To qualify Under Federal Skilled Worker Program.

To qualify under the FSW, the applicants must have

1) A work experience which must be paid in full-time and must be continual.

2) The applicants job duty must match the  primary National Occupation Classification and the duties must also be described there (NOC).

3) The job must fall under Skill type O, A or B of the NOC.

It is not compulsory to have a valid work permit but the fact is that it gives you an edge over other applicants as it increases your chances of getting your permanent residence.

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