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How To Correct Errors Or Mistakes On Your PR Card

Human errors or mistakes are sometimes inevitable. If you discover wrong information on your PR Card after the issuance of your permanent residence card, you can correct it by getting your card reissued or by applying for a new one.

The permanent resident (PR) card is the official document that shows that you are a permanent resident of Canada. It’s a plastic, wallet-sized identity card that you must present on re-entry to Canada at the border.

If, when you are issued your first PR card, you notice that there is a mistake by an IRCC officer that needs to be corrected, then the process for doing so is not the same as applying for a PR Card.

Correct mistakes on your PR Card

In the case of a mistake or error on your PR Card, you must apply for a Request to Reissue a PR Card.

But note that this correction can only be done if the incorrect information on your permanent resident card was a result of an error made by IRCC when you applied to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident or when you applied for a PR card from inside Canada.

Please note that any details or information that has changed:

  • after you have been granted your permanent residence, or
  • after you were issued your PR card, or
  • that is not due to an error by IRCC officials

It cannot be corrected. If, on the other hand, the mistake or error made you, you must instead apply for a new permanent resident card by using the application kit for a new PR Card IMM 5445. Go to the CIC website to download this application form.

On a final note, before you apply for a correction and replacement of your Permanent resident card, you must first make sure that your Landing Record and your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) are error-free.

Suppose any of these documents contain errors or mistakes made by IRCC officials. In that case, you must first submit a Request to Amend the CoPR or Immigration Record of Landing or Valid Temporary Resident Documents (IMM 1436).

How can I change my last name on my permanent resident card in Canada?

If you want to change your last name on your permanent resident card in Canada, you can do so by following a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to gather some documents. You’ll need proof of your current legal names, such as a birth certificate or passport, and proof of your new name.

You can change your name on your permanent resident card by filling out a form and sending it to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). There is no fee to change your name on your permanent resident card. Once IRCC changes your card, they will mail it back to you. It’s that easy!


In conclusion, it is essential to remember that everyone makes mistakes. If you find an error on your PR card, don’t panic! There are ways to correct the mistake. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can fix your PR card and continue on your journey to becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

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