How To Decide On The Right Canadian Immigration Program

How To Decide On The Right Canadian Immigration Program. You have to be sure of the decision to make in choosing the right Canadian immigration program.

Understanding the right immigration for you is of paramount importance. You have to know if to apply for the Temporary Visa which makes you stay temporarily or the permanent visa which makes you reside in Canada permanently.

Temporary Visa

The Temporary visa has expiration date and it makes you stay for a short period. There are guidelines written on the visa and you have to perform accordingly to those guidelines. Since it has expiration,you have to exit the country at the expiration time but if you wish to still stay, then you have to apply for another visa.

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Guide To Stay In Canada Longer Than Date Of Expiration

If you wish to stay longer than you have on your visa, follow the below details.,

1) Work: If the Canadian government has given you a work permit, you can stay in Canada for the duration of the period (work).

2) Study: If you have to study in any Canadian institute greater than 6 months, you have to possess a study permit along with the documents

3) CAQ: Before any student can apply for CAQ,you have to be accepted into a Quebec school.

4) Visit: To visit Canada, you have to apply for the super visa, multiple entry visa, single entry visa and electronic travel authorization.

Permanent Residence Visa

the permanent residence visa allows you to stay in Canada for as long as you wish and you have to apply for permanent residence before this can be achieved. Once you get this, you are free to look for work then sponsor your spouse and grandparents