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How To Get A Certificate Of Qualification For Your Trade?

Canada is the foremost destination for skilled laborers or workers seeking to work abroad. The country is favorable and welcoming to those highly skilled workers who can contribute to the economy’s growth. If you are a skilled worker looking to work abroad, Canada is also looking for you!

But, to be hired or employed as a skilled worker, you need a Certificate of Qualification to work in some skilled trades in Canada’s provinces and territories.

Canadian provinces and territories usually decide on the requirements and standards to assess and recognize foreign credentials for specific trades.

The regulatory body governing trades in a province or territory must evaluate or assess your training, skills, and experience and decide if you qualify to write an exam to be certified.

How To Get A Certificate Of Qualification For Your Trade

To get a certificate of qualification for your trade, you may have to physically visit the specific province or territory to write the certification examination.

You may also need a Canadian employer to give you training and work experience before taking the exam.

If your trade is not regulated by a province or territory (for instance, airplane engineer or mechanic), it may be federally regulated.

The Canadian Information department for International Credentials gives information on credential assessment for all regulated trades in Canada.

Taking the Certificate of Qualification Examination

To take the Certificate of Qualification examination, you might need to call (or visit if you have to) and pay a fee to the Ontario College of Trades.

Next, the Ontario College of Trades suggests you download and study their Exam Preparation Guide. And once you feel ready to write the exam, inform the nearest Employment Ontario apprenticeship office to book your exam.

Read the Ontario College of Trades’ webpage for more information about getting licensed in your profession or trade, Exam Process and Preparation, credential assessment, and more.

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