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How to Get Canada Work Visa from the UK

United Kingdom citizens and many people working, studying, or living there can get Canada-to-work visas from the UK.

It is not uncommon to find individuals who migrate to Canada from the UK.

There may be as many job opportunities (or more) in the UK as in Canada, yet, Canada has many positive reasons for being a destination country.

One is the relatively lower amount of competition. Work study visa guides you to move from the United Kingdom to Canada.

Canada is still very much an underpopulated country, making the hustle for quality jobs not as tough as what is seen in the UK.

If you want to experience a taste of life in Canada, this article on how to get a Canada work visa from the UK is for you.

You might think getting a work visa is as simple as just applying for it. However, there are smart steps you can take to save yourself from the frustration of rejection.

First, you need to know the Canadian work permit and how it works. Working in Canada is very much different from what is the culture in the UK.

You should not make the mistake of not appropriately following the guidelines for obtaining employment in Canada.

Canada Work Permit from the UK

Your work permit is the official document that confers you to the liberty to work in Canada. A work permit implies you will be physically present in Canada to take the job.

Hence, working remotely for a Canadian organization while still in the UK, you do not need a work permit.

Several work permits depend on the immigration pathway you are working with. However, work permits are generally classified as open or closed work permits.

Canada Open Work Permit from the UK

This type of work permit gives you the liberty to work with any employer in Canada.

Examples of open work permits in Canada are work and study permits, Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP), and the work permit issued to an intra-company transferee from the UK or other countries.

Anyone from the UK who migrates to Canada through the Express Entry System will automatically get an open work permit.

Canada Closed Work Permit from the UK

A closed work permit is a special work permit customized to fit a specific job offer. The document includes details like the name of the employer or organization, the employment location, and the duration of employment.

The close work permit is also referred to as an employer-specific work permit. Examples of close work permits are those offered to individuals who immigrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Apply for a Job in Canada from the UK

Except for a few work permits like the Post Graduate Work Permit and the co-op work permit, people from the UK usually need a job offer before they can apply for a work visa from the immigration authorities.

Even when a valid job offer is not a compulsory criterion, getting employment before applying for a work permit can increase the prospects of getting your application approved.

Many immigration options to Canada, such as the Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program, are based on the relevant skills applicants have to be able to work in Canada.

Therefore, you need the appropriate skills to earn a job offer or invitation to get a Canada work visa from the UK.

The most common immigration pathways for obtaining a job in Canada are:

Asides from the above, other immigration options can earn you a job or opportunity to work in Canada and ultimately help you get Canada to work visa from the UK.

You can tailor your job search to meet the requirements for one or two immigration pathways so that applying for a work visa after getting employment can be easy.

The immigration option you are working with will also determine if you will get an open or a closed work permit.

You may be able to apply for some of these options even if you don’t have a job offer.

In such cases, you will be invited to take jobs relevant to your education and previous work experience.

Some of these pathways may grant you not only a work permit, but also permanent residence.

Eligibility Requirements for Canada Work Permit

To get a Canada work visa from the UK, the following requirements must be met in addition to getting a job offer in Canada.

Your application for a work permit may be rejected or delayed if you don’t meet specified eligibility criteria.

Usually, you will receive emails indicating the need to meet specific requirements you missed while applying.

However, it is best to understand the demands well before applying so the process can be smooth and your status can be determined in time.

Basic Eligibility Requirements for any Work Permit in Canada

  • A clean criminal record from the UK and any other country you may have been before
  • A clear medical record. (You may need to take a medical exam)
  • Diploma or degree educational qualification. This must not be later than five years from the application time, and the minimum study time for any educational qualification is two years. You will prove this by submitting your credentials when applying.
  • A valid UK passport must be issued to the British National Overseas (B UK.
  • Two passport photographs of yourself, as well as that of your family members who will be immigrating with you.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for yourself and other immediate family members that will migrate with you to Canada.
  • If the work permit you are applying for is temporal, you must prove that you will exit Canada as soon as the work duration indicated in your work permit expires.
  • Proof of proficiency in English or French (this criterion depends on the pathway)
  • In addition, if you are applying to join your spouse or common-law partner, you must provide proof of relationship, such as a marriage certificate.
  • Finally, ensure to follow the UK government’s living in Canada guide.

Applying for the Canada Work Visa

You can apply for a Canadian work permit online or on paper. Applying online is recommended as it is easier, faster, and saves you the costs of sending your documents via a courier service.

Also, you can readily upload any other document requested by the IRCC through your online account. After you apply, you can view your work permit application status through your account.

To apply for the Canada work permit online, you must do the following:

  • Fill out the application form for a work permit made outside of Canada, that is, the IMM 1295
  • Complete the family information form
  • Fill out the use of a representative form (if you are employing a representative)
  • Pay the stipulated amount after completing the forms using a credit card or Canadian debit card.

Work Permit Made from UK (IMM 1295)

In this form, you will fill out all information related to your biodata and contact information. The form is quite comprehensive, and you must fill in all details correctly.

Details like your name and date of birth should not contradict what is contained in your UK passport or ID, or you will have to provide an affidavit to support the change.

You will also fill in details concerning your new job in Canada and the type of work permit you are applying for.

If the type of work permit you are applying for requires LMIA, you must provide the document and your original employment contract in the section provided.

Not every applicant from the United Kingdom requires LMIA; you need to check if this applies to you.

When applying for an open work permit, you may not need LMIA, but you must include your employer’s name.

If you are applying for Post Graduate Work Permit, put “Post Graduate Work Permit” in the space provided for the employer’s name.

Other details you will include about your job are:

  • The full address of your employer
  • The full address of where you will be working in Canada
  • Your job title and job description
  • Duration of your job offer. It includes the start and end dates and should tally with what is contained in your LMIA and offer of employment.
  • The LMIA number or the LMIA Exempt number

In completing your application for a Canadian Work Permit from the UK, you must also provide details on your education, current and previous employment, and other background information.

There are the things you need to pay for when applying for a work permit:

  • The application processing fee
  • The open work permit holder fee
  • The biometric fee

Not all persons applying to get Canada to-work visas from the UK will need to submit their biometrics, especially if they have done so during previous applications submitted to the IRCC in the past ten years.

You don’t need to pay the biometrics fee if you are not submitting new biometrics.

The work permit application fee is 155 Canadian Dollars. The open work permit holder fee is 100 Canadian Dollars. In addition, it will cost 85 Canadian Dollars per person as a biometrics fee.

After you pay, you must print at least two copies of the transaction receipt. You will attach a copy to the application and keep one for yourself.

If you don’t have the receipt, you will not be able to prove your payments.

Depending on the nature of your new job, you may be issued a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and Electronic Work Permit (eTA) after your application has been processed.

Either of these two documents permits you to enter and remain in Canada for the period indicated in your work permit. We hope this article will help you secure a Canada work visa from the UK without much stress. You may also check the processing time for UK applicants. In addition, if you plan to take the opposite approach, check out how to study in the UK from Canada.

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