How To Get PR In Canada After Two Year Study

Millions of people across the world are aspiring to get permanent residency or Citizenship in Canada. One of the easiest pathway to get Canadian PR is through study permit. This article will explain how you can get PR in Canada after two year study or after your academic program.

Canada every year welcomes foreign students to it shores to get enrolled in one academic program or the other. The maple leaf Country is home to top-ranked universities in the world. One of the ways to get faster permanent residence is through study permit.

How To Get PR In Canada After Two Year Study

If you enrolled for a two-year program with study permit, you can apply for PR visa under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) stream of Express Entry system. Furthermore, you can also apply for citizenship in Canada, after spending a sufficient amount of time in Canada.

If you have long-term plans to get a permanent resident in Canada after studies, here are the key things you should remember.

Choose your academic institution carefully

Not all academic institutions in Canada are government-approved i.e IRCC. Hence, you must to choose an institution, which is authorized to allow you to obtain a post-graduate work permit after completion of your course.

  • To qualify for study permit your educational institution or college must be a DLI (Designate Learning Institution)
  • The educational institution must be a degree or diploma awarding institution
  • Choose a course of study that is on NOC list (national occupational classification) of Canada

If your college or educational institution is not meeting the provincial requirements of providing the diploma or degree, you will not be granted Post Graduate Study Work perm

Language proficiency factor

Various colleges and universities in Canada set the language requirements for international students in order to issue the letter of acceptance to them.

Though different institutions have different language parameters, usually they need the TOEFL or IELTS score of at least 80 points or 6.5 as per IELTS. Hence, you should try to learn the English or French well before applying for the study permit for Canada.

If you are able to follow the tips highlighted above, obtaining permanent residency after studies will be a lot easier for you.