How To Get Your Skills Recognized In Canada

To Get Your Skills Recognized In Canada can take time. Foreign credential recognition is one of the main labour difficulties newcomers to Canada faces. Most of the credentials obtained outside of Canada may not be accepted or recognized as equivalent to Canadian credentials. This usually happens because of contextual differences between countries, particularly in regulated occupations where safety and health are important.

How To Get Your Skills Recognized In Canada

Getting professional and educational credentials recognized in Canada can take time. Organizations that assess foreign credentials include: educational institutions, credential assessment agencies and regulatory bodies.

Credential Assessments and Jobs

For some jobs, mostly regulated occupations, newcomers will need to have their foreign credentials assessed.

In Canada, there are two types of occupation which includes: non-regulated and regulated.

  • Non-Regulated: If you wish to work in non-regulated occupations, employers will be interested in learning about your education and work experience. This information can be summarized in a résumé. In addition, employers may be interested in the Canadian equivalency to your educational credentials that were obtained outside of Canada.The non-regulated job market is an excellent place to begin your career in Canada.
  • Regulated: Credential assessment and recognition is usually completed by a regulatory body.

Tip: A credential assessment costs money. Before spending money on an assessment, check with a regulatory body or other organizations to be sure if you need an assessment that is not required or recognized.

Credential Assessments and Continuing Education

If you apply to college or university, you may need to have your foreign educational credentials assessed. This credential assessments may be done either by the specific educational institution or by a credential assessment agency

Canadian Equivalency to Foreign Credentials

The Canadian government offers information about foreign credential assessment and recognition. For more information, kindly visit the Employment and Social Development Canada Web site or call Service Canada at 1-888-854-1805 or TTY 1-800-926-9105 (in Canada only).

Provincial credential assessment services assess academic credentials for a fee. With this assessment, you will be able to know how your education compares with educational standards in the province or territory where you plan to settle. An assessment may help you in The course of your job search.

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