How to Immigrate and Work in Canada as a Portuguese Youth

You are exposed to many work opportunities when you immigrate to Canada from Portugal.

There is a recorded increase in the number of persons who immigrate to Canada from Portugal in recent times. A significant percentage of these immigrants consist of youths who seek greener pastures out of their country home.

Have you ever wondered how you can immigrate and work in Canada as a Portuguese youth? This page provides answers to all your questions and more!

Why Should you Immigrate to Canada from Portugal?

There are many reasons people migrate to Canada as the country has more than enough positive qualities to boast of. By immigrating and working in Canada as a Portuguese youth, you will enjoy these benefits:

More Job Opportunities

Canada is a highly developed country teeming with industries and blooming firms. The tech, healthcare, agriculture, and mining sector have been the center of attraction for labor for the past few years. there are also sectors that actively recruit new workers such as hospitality, finance, and entertainment.

Canada has more to cater for than the amount of workforce it currently has. Therefore, you are exposed to many work opportunities when you immigrate to Canada from Portugal.

Quiet Life

In Canada, you will find bustling cities and countryside pastures, rural areas, and urban centers. The good thing is that irrespective of where you choose to live, you will have a considerable amount of work opportunities you can take.

If you are looking to work in serene areas devoid of towering buildings and endless traffic, you will find more than enough places in Canada you can immigrate to from Portugal.

Work-Life Balance

When you immigrate to work in Canada, you enjoy working in an environment that is favorable and allows you to have time for personal matters.

The average work time in Canada per week is about seven hours lesser than that of the USA. Asides from this, Canadian employers understand the importance of taking breaks at work.

Therefore, workers are exposed to more breaks and leaves than those in most other countries. During statutory holidays, Canadian employers also get paid, despite the fact that they are not working.

You can use the free time you will have in Canada to enjoy memorable moments with family, friends, and to explore the whole of Canada.

Free Healthcare and Quality Insurance

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada enjoy free universal healthcare. This means you and your family do not have to worry about unfriendly hospital bills, yet, you will be exposed to high-standard healthcare.

Canada is known for the quality of its healthcare and how much the government invests in recruiting personnel into the workforce of the sector.

If you are not a permanent resident of Canada but have any other kind of valid permit, you can apply for insurance to cover your health and other valuable properties.

How to Work in Canada as a Portuguese Youth

To work in Canada as a Portuguese youth, you can decide to apply for jobs that allow taking Canadian temporary work permits or you can apply to other immigration pathways that can make you become a permanent resident of Canada.

Whatever option you choose will depend on how long you wish to stay in Canada. You will also need to consider the eligibility criteria for whatever option you are going with.

Applying to become a permanent resident in Canada can be a very beneficial option as this allows you to:

  • Work in Canada as a Portuguese youth without using a work permit
  • Access to medical care, education for your children, and freedom to own a property in Canada
  • Travel to and out of Canada as you wish without a visa
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship while you will still maintain status as a Portuguese citizen.

Although your goal might be to get Canadian pr, you do not necessarily need to begin the process of applying for pr immigration pathways. You may first apply to study or work for a few years in Canada and then begin to apply for permanent residency.

International Experience Class (IEC Canada)

As a youth who wishes to immigrate and work in Canada from Portugal, the easiest option for you might be to apply to International Experience Canada (IEC). This would be the most relevant option because it is a program that allows youths to travel to and work in Canada.

IEC started in 2018 when certain countries agreed to allow their youths to immigrate to Canada as workers while Canadian youths can also immigrate to these countries to do the same. The agreement is known as the youth mobility agreement.

The IEC will not only favor you as a Portuguese youth but will also save you other rigors associated with applying for a Canadian work visa through other means. When you apply through IEC, you get a work permit easier, faster, and cheaper.

The work permit allows you to work in Canada as a Portuguese for up to two years. After you have resumed work in Canada under the IEC program, you can then decide if you want to apply to other pr immigration options.

There are three streams available under the International Experience Class. They are:

  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Young Professionals
  • International Co-op

Working Holiday Visa

Amongst all the three IEC streams, the Working Holiday Visa is the most popularly used pathway to immigrate and work in Canada as a Portuguese youth.

Every year, there is a limit on the number of youths that can apply for the Working Holiday Visa from each participating country. If you meet all IEC requirements and you complete your profile correctly, you should be able to beat the competition.

When you are accepted for the Working Holiday Visa, you will be able to apply for a Canadian open work permit. The open work permit allows you to work for as many different organizations as you wish to in Canada.

The aim of the working holiday visa is to allow youths to explore all the employment opportunities available in Canada while they also build relevant international work experience for themselves.

Previously, you did not need a valid job offer to apply for a working holiday visa. However, part of the temporary COVID-19 requirements you have to meet now is to have a job offer before you apply for the visa.

Young Professionals

The Young Professionals stream of the International Experience Canada was created to help newly graduated students of post-secondary institutions start their career journey by taking a relevant job in Canada. Medical, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics graduates usually benefit the most from this program.

Past of the requirement for this stream is a valid job offer for a position that is very relevant to your course of study in school. The job offer must be found in the list of occupations classified under NOC A, O, and B. You may also apply if you find an offer for a job classified under NOC C.

International Co-op

Do you know that you can have your internship or co-op experience in Canada as a Portuguese student? The International co-op stream of the International Experience Canada makes this possible.

You can begin by applying for relevant internship placements that are available in Canada. If you get a relevant job offer and you meet other requirements, apply for the international co-op and stand the chance to spend your few months as an intern in Canada.

The international co-op program helps you gain relevant work experience. It also helps you gain Canadian work connections that can serve as leverage for you if you would like to return to work or reside in Canada after your studies.

You must meet the following requirement to apply to the international co-op stream:

  • You must be registered as a student in a recognized post-secondary institution
  • The program you are studying must be one that requires an internship for you to complete your studies. (You must provide proof of this when you apply)
  • You must have a relevant internship job offer in Canada.

It does not matter what stream of IEC you wish to apply to, if you meet all the requirements, you will be able to immigrate and work in Canada from Portugal.

You must sign up for a health insurance plan that will cover for your period of stay in Canada. Also, you should apply for the relevant work permit required for the stream you have applied to.

Before you begin applying to any of these streams, you need an offer of employment from a Canadian organization.

You can search for relevant jobs from the comfort of your home by making use of online search tools and networking with persons that match your career path on social media.

With your job offer, you can create an online IEC profile and await your Invitation to Apply (ITA). The profile you create is not essentially the application for IEC, it only places you in a pool of other persons who have submitted their profiles. Applicants are given ITA based on their eligibility and the availability of spots.

Note: When you apply to immigrate and work in Canada as a Portuguese youth through IEC, you cannot apply for a work permit until you have received an invitation to apply.

You must however respond to the invitation within 20 days by uploading your work permit application in your IEC profile.

FAQs About How to Immigrate and Work in Canada as a Portuguese Youth

What are the Eligibility Requirements to Apply to IEC Canada?
  • You must be within the ages of 18 and 35
  • You must be a citizen of one of the 35 countries that signed the youth mobility agreement
  • A valid Canadian job offer
  • Proof of sufficient funds to immigrate to Canada from Portugal
Is it Easy to Immigrate to Canada from Portugal?
The many immigration pathways to Canada are relatively easy to employ and the country does not discriminate against any country when it comes to immigration. If you want to immigrate to Canada from Portugal or any other country, you only need to find the immigration pathway that is most convenient for you and apply for it. You can also consider other options like studying in Canada or applying for Canadian job offers while you are still in Portugal.