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How to Immigrate to Canada from Brazil

Brazilians have chosen to live in Brazil for several reasons which include work opportunities, study, and a chance for a better life. Assuredly, you hit upon this prosé because you want to know how to immigrate to Canada from Brazil. We’re here to assist!

Canada is a country with a positive attitude toward immigration. Over time, a high percentage of Brazilians have immigrated to Canada, with about 13% living in British Columbia, 26% in Quebec, and about 50% in Ontario. There have been a lot of annual events and various organizations established by Brazilians in the Canadian community to strengthen their presence.

Knowing how to immigrate to Canada from Brazil will make your journey stressless, so, we have the fastest routes for you. Ensure to read on!

History of Brazil In Canada

Dating back to 1866, the relationship between Canada and Brazil started when the first Canada trade mission was established in Brazil. Then in 1941, diplomatic relations started when Brazil opened its Embassy in Canada.

As so 2011, a population of 2900 foreign-born Brazilians is living in Canada, and 40,000 Brazilian-Canadians are residing in Canada in total. The number of Brazilians receiving permanent residence has been increasing over the past 20 years. This is because Canada and Brazil share many commonalities in interests and values including the promotion of Human Rights, environmental stewardship, and democracy

Job Opportunities for Brazilians in Canada

There are many job prospects for Brazilians in Canada. You definitely cannot exhaust the very many opportunities that Canadians have provided for Brazilians to make a living. Here are some of it

  • Administrative officers
  • Executive assistants
  • Human resources and recruitment officers
  • Property administrators
  • Purchasing agents and officers
  • Conference and event planners
  • Court officers and justices of the peace
  • Employment insurance, immigration, border services, and revenue officers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Legal administrative assistants
  • Medical administrative assistants
  • Court reporters, medical transcriptionists, and related occupations
  • Health information management occupations
  • Records management technicians
  • Statistical officers and related research support occupations
  • Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
  • Insurance adjusters and claims examiners
  • Insurance underwriters
  • Assessors, valuators, and appraisers
  • Customs, ship, and other brokers
  • Physicists and astronomers
  • Chemists
  • Geoscientists and oceanographers
  • Meteorologists and climatologists
  • Other professional occupations in physical sciences
  • Biologists and related scientists
  • Forestry professionals
  • Agricultural representatives, consultants, and specialists
  • Civil engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical and electronics engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Industrial and manufacturing engineers
  • Metallurgical and materials engineers
  • Mining engineers
  • Geological engineers
  • Petroleum

Requirements to Immigrate to Canada from Brazil

To Immigrate to Canada from Brazil, maximum consideration is given to students who are not older than 30 years of age (at Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level nine or higher). You must be able to demonstrate moderate to high French or English language proficiency.

Some  of the other requirements you need to put in place to increase your chances of immigration are

  • Having Canadian educational or work experience
  • Higher language proficiency in French and/or English
  • A Master’s degree or Ph.D. education
  • A Canadian sister or brother currently residing in Canada
  • An arranged employment offer from any company in Canada
  • Also, a nomination from a province

Pathways to immigrate to Canada from Brazil

Getting to know how to Immigrate to Canada from Brazil, there are typically four pathways you can choose from. So, read thoroughly to know which is best for you. These pathways are

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Job offer
  • Family Sponsorships

#1. Express Entry

Express Entry is an immigration system that manages the application of aspiring immigrants. It functions to select the best and most qualified foreigners who meet all eligibility requirements and will best suit the economic needs of Canada.

Applicants are being ranked based on points. You can immigrate when employed, upon invitation to get a Canada PR visa. CRS scores will be assigned to you based on your age, level of education, language proficiency, and work experience.

Therefore, to  create a profile, you can choose any of these immigration programs

  • Canada experience class
  • A federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Undoubtedly, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is a program for skilled workers that have work experience in a foreign country. It requires that you have a higher level of English or French language proficiency (Level 7). Also, an occupation that falls into management jobs, professional jobs that require a university degree, technical jobs, or trades that require an apprenticeship or a college diploma.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

This program is formulated for skilled workers that are in specific trades and have worked with good experience in a foreign country. It requires that you have a level 4 or 5 English or French language proficiency. You need two years of work experience within the last five years to apply for this program.  Also, you must have an occupation that falls into technical jobs (note that the technical jobs will require a college diploma or apprenticeship program).

Basically, you must have a certificate that proves that you have a high level of skill in your trade, and a valid job offer in a company in Canada

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

If you have work experience that is within Canada, you can apply through the Canadian experience class. You must have English or French language proficiency in levels 5 and 7, with an occupation that falls within management jobs, professional jobs, or technical jobs. Note that your experience working with any company in Canada must be at least a year in the last 3 years.

Typically, the cost of immigrating to Canada from Brazil through Express entry for  a couple is about $4,500 CAD, while the cost for an individual is about $2,300 CAD

#2. Provincial Nominee Program

The provincial nominee program is a program that is designed by Canada to handle the labor market in the provinces in Canada. It is a pathway that allows immigrants to choose to immigrate to a particular province where they would like to live and work in.

However, out of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada, about 11 of the provinces participate in the Provincial nominee program. So, if you are chosen, your CRS score will increase drastically.

Qualification for provincial nomination

To qualify to Immigrate to Canada from brazil through a PNP, you must have either:

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Also, a work experience to contribute to the economy of the province you’ve chosen

#3. Job offer

Basically, for a better chance of immigration, get a job offer!. You wouldn’t need to stress out excessively on how to Immigrate to Canada from Brazil if you have an offer from any company or firm in any province in Canada. Also, you can submit your employment letter to improve your CRS score points, and you are way ahead of others.

#4. Family Sponsorships

Basically, the family sponsorship program is a form of sponsorship that allows citizens with permanent residents in Canada to sponsor a relative or spouse for immigration to Canada. You can sponsor your dependent children, partner, and your spouse if you are of age (i.e not less than 18 years).

However, you must be able to prove that you’re a Canadian citizen, a  person registered in Canada, a permanent resident of Canada and that you’re not receiving any sort of social assistance for reasons other than a disability.

How To Immigrate To Canada From Brazil

Without a doubt, the major concern of Brazilians wanting to move to Canada is the steps on how to immigrate to Canada from brazil. So, here is a stepwise guide on how to immigrate to Canada from Brazil with ease. Ensure to follow closely!

Step one: Firstly, you must check your eligibility status for Express entry or Provincial nomination. And then make preparations for all necessary forms of documents with proofs of language proficiency, age, work experience, education, etc.

Step two:  Create an Express entry or PNP  profile. You can create your express entry profile either by federal skilled trades program, Canada experience class, or federal workers program

Step three: The next step after your Express entry profile is set, is to proceed to the Express Entry pool. Note that if You’re been nominated by a province, you have a CRS score of 600.

Step four: So, if your Express Entry profile is approved eligible, immigration and citizenship Canada (IRCC) will send you an invitation to apply

Step five: Then make an application for permanent residence. Note that permanent residence registration can only be approved if you have been invited to apply.

Step six: Submit all documents such as (employment letter, language proficiency results, proof of identity, evidence of work experience, and examination results).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Brazilians live in Canada?

Without a doubt, there are many Brazilians in Canada while the major concentrations are in British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario.

Is Canada visa-free to Brazil?

Basically, if you are a citizen of Canada, you don’t need a Brazil tourist visa to visit Brazil for up to 90 days

How long can a Brazilian stay in Canada?

For citizens of Brazil, the Canada ETA is valid for five years or until the expiration of your passport. You can stay in Canada for up to 180 days and enjoy multiple entries at the same time

Can a Brazilian work in Canada?

Definitely, provided that they have a valid work permit or permanent residence.


The Express opportunities for Brazilians to move to Canada are currently available. You need not worry about how to immigrate to Canada from Brazil once you have satisfied the above-named requirements and follow the stepwise instructions given.

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