How to increase your express entry score

How To Increase Your Express Entry Score. Prospective Canadian Immigrants can increase their Express Entry Score by following this article well.

The Express Entry is one of the most advanced immigration system in the world and Canada makes use of this entry system. Over the years, the Canadian government use the first-come first-served basis for entry and this made applications take so many years to process which is why the Express Entry System method was brought. The system change everything and made application carry score using a comprehensive ranking system. This ranking system is checked by the government every two weeks to know the highest ranked candidate and then issues invitation to apply.

Under each Provincial Nominee program, special categories were created which allows each province nominate candidates that meet its policies.

One of the important advantage of this Express Entry System is that candidates can improve their score without submitting new application. Applicants are scored based on the information on their profile.

How Points Are Distributed

Points are distributed based on.

1) Language Proficiency

2) Possession of a provincial government nomination for permanent residence.

3) Possession of a job offer supported by a positive labour market impact assessment

4) Skills and work experience

5) Education.

6) Language ability and education of the applicants spouse or common law partner.

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How A Candidate Can Boost His Express Entry CRS Score

1) The candidate has to get a provincial nomination: This a great way to get a high score. Candidates need to have their application up to date at all times. They have to be very much at alert as most provinces only update their websites when categories are open or close. Candidates who have previously visited a province can get extra points.

2) Candidates has to get job offer: The chances of receiving an ITA is increased here. This can be achieved by conducting a job search linked to visiting Canada.

3) Candidates should try to boost their education: Education makes one have higher points as master degree holders have their points, PhD holders have theirs and degree holders have theirs. The points for PhD holders is higher to about 150 points.

4) Spousal Points: This helps you to boost your points by adding your spouse or common law partner as a secondary applicant to your profile.